SBU General: Do Not Implement the Minsk Agreements – It Will Mean the End of Ukraine!

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Implementation of the Minsk Agreements means the dismantlement of Ukrainian statehood; Europe, pushing Kiev to implement the agreements, actually plays into the hands of Russia.

This was stated on the air of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” by the Major-General of the SBU Vasily Vovk, reports the correspondent of Politnavigator.

“We still can expect an objective assessment of the situation from the Americans, which I personally don’t expect from France and Germany. I observe the Minsk process, I am familiar with all its participants and their position, and I know that there they don’t have a pro-Ukrainian position, it is most likely pro-Russian, as they signed the Minsk Agreements, the implementation of which will mean the full crash of Ukraine.

Yes, the crash of Ukraine, disintegration of Ukraine, the end of Ukrainian statehood.

Because contained in its implementation is the special status of Donbass, elections in Donbass, police, national prosecutor’s office of Donbass, rehabilitation and amnesty of terrorists and bandits, and so on.

If we implement the Minsk Agreements we will dismantle our State. We have to speak about this and not ‘without Minsk we’d be nowhere, Minsk will save us’ — no, Minsk simply will not save us,” stated the Banderist General.

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