SBU General: The Residents of Crimea and Donbass Should Pass Through Filtration Facilities

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The inhabitants of the territories of Donbass uncontrolled by Kiev after “liberation” by Ukraine will be paid compensation as victims of Ukrainian aggression only after passing through filtrational facilities.

This was stated on the air of “Magnolia-TV” by the former head of the Main Investigative Department of the SBU General Vasily Vovk.

“The interlocutor remembered about that good-for-nothing law (“Reintegration of Donbass), which was written to benefit anyone but Ukraine… I will continue. This law destroyed the concept ‘terrorist organisation’, and the concept of an ‘occupational power (administration)’ was introduction, which, in principle, turns everything upside down, and now we don’t see terrorists there,” said Vovk.

“First of all, for me, for the judicial sphere, for the fourth estate in Ukraine, there are hundreds and hundreds of sentences where these structures – the DPR and LPR – are recognised as terrorist organisations [really? – ed]. Thousands and thousands of persons condemned for participating in terrorist organisations – for being involved in the organisation of these illegal armed groups and for helping them,” he added.

The SBU employee doubted whether it is necessary to pay help or social benefits “to undefined persons or those who whose citizenship is unclear”.

“It is possible to talk about the content and change of these figures and numbers, but up to 80% of people who live there, became citizens of the Russian Federation. Any currency but the hryvnia is in circulation there. And how can we distinguish between accomplices of terrorist organisations of those citizens who forcedly became hostages of the situation? Pensioners, disabled people who I can’t leave the houses, and so on. There also those who don’t want to leave, like it was in Chernobyl. But people supporting terrorists are the majority,” recognised Vovk .

“How do I see this question: I stand for supporting Ukrainians who wait to return to the bosom of Ukraine. Let’s just liberate the territory, including Crimea. Why are we silent about Crimea? Why don’t we pay pensions there too… what… there are no Ukrainians there?” added the Ukrainian General.

Vovk noted that because of the inconceivable scale of corruption in the country, millions and millions of hryvnias for the payment of pensions are plundered – fake lists, sheets, signatures are being created. Officials, including from the “ministries of occupied territories”, profit from this.

“Let’s liberate these territories, let’s create filtrational verification facilities, let’s weed out those who helped terrorists, let’s jail or define another punishment for them,” proposed the SBU General.

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