SBU Hunts Down Distributors of Leaflets Against the Regime of Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The SBU is looking for the distributors of leaflets against the regime of Petro Poroshenko, which were scattered in mailboxes and entrances of high-rise buildings of the cities in the Kherson area. This was reported by the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Aleksey Zhuravko who acted as the initiator of the leaflet printing.

“Kherson! He makes a fool of you with the ‘visa-free regime’, is enriched at your expense and drives you to your death,” it is said in the text of a leaflet with Poroshenko’s portrait.

“He plunders you with huge tariffs and finishes off the remains of the economy,” it is written on a leaflet with the portrait of the prime minister Vladimir Groysman.

“He threw you out to the arbitrariness of bandits, and the police turned into a group of criminals,” it is said next to a photo of the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

“I received information from journalists from the Kherson region that after leaflets appeared in Tsyuryupinsk, Genichesk, Kalanchak, Hola Prystan, and also in Kherson, the SBU started contacting all media and banned the publicizing of this leaflet posting. Another order was given to police officers to locate the areas where these leaflets were put up,” claims Zhuravko.

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