SBU Methods of Fabricating Criminal Cases Against Undesirables

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


It is known that in Ukraine the number of political prisoners grows in large quantities. This is happening also because the Ukrainian security service are not ashamed to fabricate the corresponding criminal cases. Very few people would pay attention to how the security service of Ukraine directs spectacles with the detention of “informants of the Russian special services” or “evil terrorists”  if these detentions were not so systematic.

The most interesting thing in this cheap spectacle is the absence of the imagination of the authors of the used scenarios. Often the SBU uses tried-and-tested schemes that have a rather primitive character. In this publication we will focus in detail on the most widespread techniques that are illegally used by the staff of the SBU.

“An explosive under a bath”

This technique is used for the detention of politically active citizens, officials, and prominent public figures on who the instruction to open criminal case for terrorism was given, or the similar nonsensical legal articles. A classical situation is when without any permissions and warnings, unknown people with weapons breach a house, and in the most rude form using brute force lay down all family members on the floor. Then all who were in the apartment are isolated in one room, and in the apartment the hustle and bustle of the unknown people begins. In the materials of a criminal case this process will be described as a “search”.

Further, in 90% of cases, under your bath, in a box with tools cartridges, explosives, or other ammunition will be “found”, which were given out to the staff of the group of detention by the administration in order to frame the person. Then great pressure is put on the citizen, a criminal case for terrorism is opened for terrorism, storage of ammunition, etc. Such a scheme is very actively used in the Kharkov, Donetsk, Odessa, Nikolaev, and Kherson areas. A striking example of the application of this classical method is the scientist from Kharkov Aleksey Samoylov, who didn’t wish to recognize the legitimacy of the authorities, which arrived after a coup.

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“Let’s help Novorossiya”

This method is used in order to fulfil a quota of articles under terrorism. For this they use their civil agents, who they hold on a hook, for any criminal offense, and they appease everything that the SBU “will ask” them about. According to this scheme the recruited agent looks for patriotically adjusted people (often school and university students) on social networks or in populated places of the city. The agent gains their confidence, and by deception entices the person in the prepared-in-advance places (railways, bridges, etc.) where the staff of the SBU plant models of explosives in advance. At the time of the appearance of the agent with the victim, the prepared-in-advance operations group of the SBU carries out the detention. The school student from the city Izyum of the Kharkov region fell victim to such a method. The provoker from the SBU, who has many set-up operations on his account, spoke on a social network with Maksim, and by deception enticed him to a railroad site, where a group of SBU was already waiting.

“I reported to the Kremlin about the movement of Ukrainian troops”

The sense of this method consists of fabricating fake material for the controlled media, and to recruit people necessary to the SBU. The SBU finds its victims in topical groups from social networks. The victim is summoned by phone to the local office of the department, and under physical or psychological pressure is forced to write a confessional application, and to read in front of a camera a prepared-in-advance template text: “I……………………. I collected and transferred information to representatives of the LDPR about places of military equipment and quantity of staff of the UAF. I fully admit my guilt in assistance to terrorist organizations”. The use of such methods has mass character in populated settlements that are close to the zone of military operations.

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We listed the most widespread illegal schemes that are used by security service of Ukraine. In addition, there is a huge weight of illegal techniques for detention and charging of innocent citizens in the arsenal of the SBU, which continues to be used for the destabilization of peace and tranquillity inside the State.

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