SBU Opened a Criminal Case for Attempts to Inform the EU About the Harassment of Journalists in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The story with Ukrainian security officers preventing the Congress of Bloggers from taking place in Zaporozhye, during which the participants dared to criticize Petro Poroshenko’s regime, received continuation.

The SBU declared the “prevention of the another provocative act of the Russian special services” today.

“SBU employees in coordination with the National Police stopped an attempt to hold an anti-Ukrainian action organized and financed by the Kremlin customers.

Field investigators of the SBU established that the special services of the Russian Federation planned to carry out in Brussels an action to discredit Ukraine in front of the European community. The provokers planned to accuse the Ukrainian authorities of the alleged repression of journalists and the ‘free press’.

For this purpose some citizens of Ukraine came to Brussels as ‘speakers’ for a roundtable on the subject: ‘Human rights violations, restriction of freedom of the press, and political repression in Ukraine’.

To strengthen the ‘effect’ of their speech and additional ‘truthfulness’, the organizers planned a live broadcast from Kiev, during which paid ‘bloggers’ and ‘journalists’ had to confirm information about repression and persecution.

SBU employees documented that ‘bloggers’ and ‘journalists’ organized the fake event with the established tradition employed in the ‘black labor market’ – 100 hryvnia for everyone.

For the prevention of their identification by European partners, the curators obliged the ‘extras’ to wear black glasses in connection with alleged persecutions in Ukraine and fears for their own life.

The People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the V, VI, VII convocations Elena Bondarenko, who refused to give an explanation to law enforcement authorities, was the only known person to society at this fake event. However, the public employed for the ‘show’ replaced her with pleasure.

The SBU is aware of the partial change of tactics of the anti-Ukrainian activity of the Russian side and the allocation in a separate vector of discrediting Ukraine in the opinion of the world community from positions of European ‘information platforms’ and with the use, like earlier, of false and far-fetched data.

Within the framework of the available criminal proceedings, it is planned to carry out interrogations of the organizers of the fake congress of ‘bloggers’ in order to document the illegal activity of the special services of the Russian Federation,” it is said in the message of the SBU.

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