SBU Ordered the Media to Rehabilitate Hitler and Erase the Memory of the USSR’s WWII Victory

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Department for National Statehood Protection of the Security Service of Ukraine sent an order to regional departments of the SBU to publish material in the local media rehabilitating Hitler and the German occupiers and discrediting the Victory Day of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. The relevant document appeared at the disposal of the “Novorossiya” news agency.

In the order signed by the head of department Colonel Dotsenko it is prescribed to leaders of the regional departments of the SBU “to prepare and publish materials via operational positions in the local media during the period from April 30th to May 10th” that aims to destroy the national memory of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Here are some paragraphs of the demanded publications:

“May 9th for ‘Ukrainians’ is not Victory Day, but the day of memory of the victims of war. ‘Ukrainians’ fought against Hitler not only in the Soviet army, but also in UPA and even in the armies of the ‘countries of the anti-Hitler coalition'”;

“For ‘Ukrainians’ the real holiday is not May 9th, but May 8th – the ‘day of memory and reconciliation'”.

The local media is urged to explain to the citizens of Ukraine that May 9th remains a holiday “purely for technical reasons” and most likely it will officially be celebrated for the last time.

According to SBU propagandists, it is necessary to concisely explain to “Ukrainians” that the St. George’s Ribbon isn’t a victory symbol, that’s why it is necessary to use the “real symbol” — the red poppy that the people of Europe wear to commemorate perished soldiers.

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A separate recommendation is given vis-a-vis the Immortal regiment.

“The Immortal Regiment is a political technology of the Kremlin that aims to not only cause division among ‘Ukrainians’, but also to calculate how many supporters it has in Ukraine. If in some region there are enough of them, then this can provoke the Kremlin to destabilise the situation according to the Donbass scenario,” it is said in the document.

The thesis that “Stalin is worse than Hitler” and “Ukrainians” “lived rather better under occupation than they did under the Soviet authorities in pre-war and post-war years” especially stands out.

In the text it is claimed that “Germans provided the people with products and money in the established norms” on the condition of loyalty.

“Hitler, although he was criminal, tried to provide a better life for the people and the people of the allied countries,” claims the SBU.

The Ukrainian media is urged to explain to the layperson that “from the position of political pragmatism the union of the ‘Ukrainian State’ with Germany in 1941 was justified”

Also in the order of the SBU it is claimed that Stalin and Hitler actually don’t differ from each other when it comes to the “Jewish problem”, and their “coalition” provoked the Holocaust.

Heads of regional SBU offices, according to the order, are obliged “immediately after their publication to send links to the published materials with necessary explanations”.

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