SBU Recruits Crimea Under the CIA’s Supervision: Operation “Trojan Pig”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


It seems that the Kiev junta tried nearly all methods to harm Crimea as much as possible because of its reunification with Russia. Water, transport, food, energy, and now also a tourist blockade, as well as petitions in all international instances persistently never reduced the heat of the information war. Saber-rattling at the border with the peninsula hasn’t ceased in nearly three and a half years. Kiev raves about military invasion and reconquista, at the same time perfectly understanding that the response will be crushing.

What is left for them to do? Subversive activities. The saboteur-terrorist swoop of 2016 gave no results, except human losses and shame. It is only left to move on to a systematic siege and to act on the sly, without expecting results in the nearest and even medium-term prospect.

On July 25th the chief of the leadership of the Federal Security Service in the Republic of Crimea Viktor Palagin at a meeting with journalists reported: the Ukrainian special services – SBU and Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine – deployed recruiting and filtrational points on the border with Crimea. There the Crimean residents who are coming back home from Ukraine (not all, of course) are sent there and forced to cooperation with Banderist special services. They especially try to find Crimean executives and incline them to collaborate, including the lower levels of hierarchy.

According to the FSB, recruitment on the border began not yesterday, but goes at full speed, and that the Crimean residents who passed through the filter already reported to the local security service about recruitment attempts. “Every month employees come to me and write confessions that they were recruited for work on the Ukrainian side. We make exemptions (materials about refusal in the initiation of criminal cases) because these people have a desperate situation, and they pled guilty,reported Palagin.

As is known, the SBU has long been densely supervised by the CIA. And it began not with the “victory of dignity”, when in the building of the central office of the SBU in Kiev “the whole floor was allocated” to mentors and trustees. Simply thanks to “victory” it was possible not to hide themselves so much. The Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate also didn’t remain without a master, and became subordinated to the military and reconnaissance structures of NATO. And not so long ago in the media information surfaced that the CIA opened additional branches and recruiting points in Odessa and Kherson. So it isn’t at all incidental that the spying nest of snakes began to slither directly on the borders of Crimea.

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This step isn’t surprising. After a weighty geopolitical slap on the ear in Crimea, the American intelligence services (respectively, and Ukrainian one too) can’t calm down, and speak about a revenge in a veiled, but quite clear manner. The reconquista of Crimea is senseless if they can’t flood all levels of the authorities of the Republic with Banderist agents. Moreover, it is preferable if they were nominees from the Russian period: the representatives of the old Ukrainian authorities are substantially compromised, the term of their power of authority comes to an end, and, respectively, they don’t represent a great interest for the Ukrainian special services.

Besides all of this, for the Ukrainian and western intelligence services it was a surprise that for 22 years of being in the structure of “independent” Ukraine, the vast majority of Crimeans preserved the desire to return to Russia at the first opportunity. Russia returned Crimea precisely because Crimeans became a fulcrum for the Russian lever.

Of course, the CIA’s SBU can’t dream about recruiting all inhabitants of Crimea, and in reality they don’t need all of them. The most important thing is to place their people in key positions in the Republic so that they from within and systematically undermine it, sabotage it, and wait for their time.

Precedents exist. Not so long ago the CIA declassified more than 3,800 documents from 1950 up to the 1970’s. Besides different garbage, in the archival papers there are curious materials that eloquently testify that since 1953 the CIA performed two large operations with the intention not only to destabilize Soviet Ukraine, but to sow in it the seeds of Nazism and hatred with the help of OUN and Bandera’s followers.

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The programs of the CIA lasted about four decades. They began as militarized operations for providing financial aid and weapons for such anti-Soviet Ukrainian groups of resistance as the “Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council”, through its branches, and also attracting agents from the OUN and UPA underground. Besides the CIA, British MI-6 intelligence and the West German BND (Federal Intelligence Service  of Germany), for which OUN members were nearly the main instrument of fight against the USSR, were activated to groom Ukrainian nazis.

The early operation of the CIA for the destabilization of Ukraine with the use of both external and internal agents introduced in the system of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic authorities had the code name “Project Aerodynamic”.

Of course, this program was adopted and started to work immediately after OUN members and their western patrons were convinced of the uselessness of terrorist activity.

In an earlier classified document of 1970 the CIA recognizes that its emissaries were in close contact with the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council since 1950, and neo-Nazis from OUN(b) were encrusted in the Ukrainian Soviet government in Kiev and in regional and municipal bodies of power all over the country.

“Aerodynamic” placed field agents inside the Soviet Ukraine, who, in turn, came into contact with the Ukrainian underground, in particular, with agents of the “Security Service” of OUN who already worked in Ukraine.

The CIA organized the supplying of OUN members with communication equipment and other materials, including probably weapons and ammunition for the CIA shadow army in Ukraine. Most of the Ukrainian CIA agents were trained in Western Germany by experts from the subunit of political and mentacide of US army intelligence (FI-PP).

Communication between CIA agents in Ukraine and their western curators was carried out via bilateral radio communication, on the short waves of international post channels, by air and by means of overland couriers.

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From the declassified CIA documents is also appears that agents of “Aerodynamic” shuffled at the World Festival of Youth and Students in Vienna of 1959, where they were hiring young Ukrainians.

In 1969 “Aerodynamic” began recruitment of agents among Crimean Tatars. It isn’t excluded that the household career criminal Dzhemilev “changed his spots” for politics having got in the program of recruitment, as “a perspective and authoritative figure of the national liberation movement”. In 1959, the intelligence of Canada developed its own program similar to “Aerodynamic”,  code-named “Redskin”.

Documents of the CIA show that the Project Aerodynamic program was carried out up to the coming to power of the administration of Richard Nixon in the early 70’s. However, upon this plans for the disintegration of the USSR and Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from inside didn’t end on this. The successor to “Project Aerodynamic” became the program “QRDynamic”, which was acting already in the 1980’s.

“QRDynamic” began to be associated with operations financed by hedge funds of the billionaire George Soros, in particular, with activists of the Moscow Helsinki Group, at the head of which was the grandmother-saboteur Alekseeva, from Kiev and Moscow. Everything began with the distribution of illegal propaganda materials, magazines, brochures, stickers, and T-shirts. And how did it finish in 1991?

We mustn’t forget that university departments of Ukrainian philology of the Soviet period, god knows how long ago, became a nest of Ragulism [rural folk – ed], and by the end of the 1980’s the Republic’s and party authorities of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic somehow very easily and quickly re-coloured themselves into “nationally-focused leaders”, with a complete lack of resistance from the KGB of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Thus, the Ukrainian special services, under the protection of the West, already now try to place the mine that is supposed to blow up Crimea in the far-away future.

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