SBU Started to Harass Residents of Genichesk Who Asked Putin for Help

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian intelligence agencies are harassing the residents of Genichesk who at a meeting a week ago signed an appeal to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov with a call to help the population of the Kherson region, whose homes with the onset of the cold weather are without heat and gas.

This was stated to “Politnavigator” by the activist Gennady Sivak.

“The organiser Eduard Kovalenko is suspected by the SBU of committing a crime under article 109 of the criminal code of Ukraine. And the SBU withdrew about 2000 signatures from the activists who collected the signatures of citizens, and forbade citizens from asking for Russia’s help. They consider it like this: those who don’t want to freeze in the winter – are separatists,” said Sivak.

He recalled that since Soviet times the system of gas supply in Genichesk has been locked on the Glebovskaya underground storage, which is located on the territory of Crimea. The Ukrainian authorities refuse to conclude the contract, stating the impossibility to sign a document where there will be a seal of the Russian Crimea. Last year Genichesk was saved from frost only by the good will of Russia, which helped by starting the supplying of gas.

This year the situation repeats. The mayor of the city Aleksandr Tulupov, who came out to the protesters, promised that the problem will be solved by the Ukrainian authorities — we just have to wait 3-4 years.

Such a response by an official didn’t satisfy the protesters. They signed a collective appeal to Aksenov with a request to provide help to Genichesk, which this autumn has already spent almost a week without heat and gas.

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Currently the Ukrainian authorities can maximally provide the supply of gas in Genichesk to the amount of 65,000 cubic meters of gas. With the onset of cold weather 110,000 cubic meters per day are needed, told Sivak.

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