SBU Stormed the Office of the Oppositional Publication “Strana”

Translated by Ollie Richardson


About two dozen armed thugs from the SBU stormed the office of the Ukrainian oppositional “” publication.

As the editor-in-chief of the edition Igor Guzhva reported, at present their work is blocked. The search is connected to a falsification.

“A search is ongoing at the agency for a falsification. Details later,” he wrote.

In turn, the deputy chief editor Svetlana Kryukova reported the details of the seizure. From her words it is clear that the news-room is occupied by the employees of SBU. The building of the business center is closed off at the entrance. Inside there are three editorial office employees, including the editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva.

Such raids by SBU employees only show that there is no freedom of speech in Ukraine. It is likely that in the near future information will appear that the publication is a “Kremlin mouthpiece”.

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