SBU Took Relatives of LPR Officer Hostage

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Intelligence agencies of Ukraine took the mother and stepfather of an officer of the LPR militia Lieutenant Colonel Sidorenko hostage, trying to force him to give to the Ukrainian side data that is a state secret.

“The intelligence agencies of Ukraine in its work continues to use cynical, cruel, and inhumane methods against the civilian population of Donbass,” said today the head of department militia Colonel Oleg Anashchenko to Lugansk information centre“There is more evidence that during the events that happened to the commander of a separate unit of the People’s Militia Lieutenant-Colonel Sidorenko Igor Vladimirovich, the security services of Ukraine used in respect to close relatives illegal actions that endangered their lives and health.”

“So, on 23rd October 2016, the mother of the Colonel (of the LPR people’s militia) Sidorenko Bezkorovaynaya Valentina Mikhailovna with her husband Bezkorovayny Aleksey Anatolievich left the territory of Ukraine to collect his pension,” said the Colonel.

“On 24th Oct, 2016, at about 15:00 the detachment commander’s received a phone call from his mother in which she said that she was in the settlement Melovoye “in the Lugansk region”, and that they want to talk to him, and then handed the phone to an unknown person,” said Anaschenko.

“A male voice informed the detachment commander that his mother and stepfather are with them, and he can see them alive if he agrees to cooperate and transfer to the Ukrainian side the necessary information, namely data about the structure and identity of soldiers of the people’s LPR militia and more,” he said.

“In addition, for providing data and assistance to the Ukrainian secret service a financial reward was promised. For the ease of transfer of information, representatives of the Ukrainian intelligence services gave Colonel Sidorenko an e-mail address,” added the head of the Defense Ministry of the Republic.

“Putting psychological pressure on a soldier of the people’s LPR militia, Ukrainian security services tried to force him to give them the data that is a state secret,” he said.

“But Colonel Sidorenko refused to commit a crime under article 335 of the criminal code of the LPR “high treason”, and his relatives continue to be held hostage by the Ukrainian army,” stated Anaschenko.

He urged “the world community, international human rights organizations, as well as the OSCE and the International Committee of the Red Cross to put influence on the Kiev government to resolve the issue of the release of the illegally detained LPR civilians”.

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