“Scalping, Castration, Crucifixion” – Lutsenko’s Inventions About Russia’s Torture in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine is investigating 600 cases of torture in Donbass, stated the Prosecutor-General Yury Lutsenko at a meeting of the parliamentary committee of association between Ukraine and the EU.

“We have 600 facts of torture – removal of skin, scalp, castration, pouring of lead down the throat, dismemberment, crucifixion on a cross, forcing people to walk on minefields – which Russian-terrorist troops are engaged in. 600 people,” quotes “Radio Svoboda” from the words of the public prosecutor. According to him, the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine suspects two dozen Russian military officials, including the Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu, of committing war crimes in Donbass.

“The prosecutor’s office at the same time fights on all fronts – on the fronts of war in Donbass, because, as you understand, there are thousands of killed, including civilians, which means thousands of criminal proceedings. To evaluate the facts of the war crimes of Russia is also our task, and we declared suspicion to the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation and 20 Generals and Admirals of the Russian army, who are accused of crimes against humanity and other war crimes,” noted Lutsenko.

Now during his next appearance at the UN Poroshenko will be able to show not only “Russian passports” and “bus parts”, but also the “scalps” removed by Shoigu himself. After all, Ban Ki-moon found it perfectly acceptable for Poroshenko at the 2017 UN General Assembly in New York to beg for lethal weapons to murder the residents of Donbass…

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