Scandal on German TV: The EU Finances a Ukrainian Oligarch Etching Consumers With Radioactive Chicken

Translated by Lada Pyatnitskaya


There’s a loud scandal around the largest Ukrainian producer of chicken meat -the Mironovsky Bakery group (MHP). German journalists found out that the production facility is located at the former Chernobyl zone. The manufacturer ignores this fact. The fact that one of the financiers of the given production is the European Union adds spice to the situation, and the oligarch – the owner of the business – is Poroshenko’s friend.

The oligarch Yuriy Kosyuk received loans from the European Union for the construction of facilities to produce chicken meat in the Chernobyl zone. Radioactive meat could arrive on the plates of German consumers as well.

A German TV channel MRD is reporting about the scandal in details, its journalists have repeatedly drawn attention to violations by the Mironovsky Bakery group (MHP) in the production of chicken meat. In particular, they talked about environmental problems. Now a new scandal has broken: as it turned out, the manufacturer used EU funding to build its enterprises in the Chernobyl zone. Chicken meat from these plants is being exported, in particular, to the European Union.

‘”Clean production, healthy poultry’ is the slogan of the largest chicken producer of the Ukrainian agricultural group Mironovsky Bakery Group (MHP) in Europe. While the manufacturer himself is silent about the danger that this production brings to the people living in immediate closeness to it: dead birds, chemicals, contaminated groundwaters. We reported about this three weeks ago. But now there are new details: the group produces chicken meat in the Chernobyl zone, hiding this fact from the European Union,” it was reported on the TV channel MDR.

“Earlier that place where one of the productions of MHP is located, belonged to the 4th Chernobyl zone, it was possible even to retire from here 5 years earlier,”
the local activist Oksana Bazilenko said to the German journalists from MDR. “However, after the construction of the plant the status of the region was changed: you should agree that the chicken meat from the Chernobyl zone is not the best advertisement for selling chicken,” the woman continues.

“Although experts say the level of radioactive contamination of this territory is small, they hide this information from consumers. We would like to know why this happens, however, the representatives of the Ukrainian producer refused to give us any interview,” reports MDR.

“Three years ago the agrarian oligarch Kosyuk received a loan to the amount of 85 million euros at favorable interest rates for the development of his business from the European Investment Bank (EIB). This funding is a violation of their own standards because the EIB supports only those projects that meet strict technical, environmental, and social requirements. But at the EIB they also refused to give us an interview,” complained the German journalists.

The Europeans who are eating radioactive chicken meat from Ukraine ought to know that Kosyuk is one of the direct beneficiaries of the Maidan coup and the “EU Association”, and is one of Poroshenko’s friends. He’s so close to Poroshenko that the Ukrainian President appointed the owner of the MHP the Deputy Head of his administration.

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In general, as people say: “if you made a choice, eat it!”

P.S. We want to remind you that the MHP sells its products under the brand “Nasha Ryaba”.

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