Schismatics Stormed a Temple of the Canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Chernovtsi, Attacked Local Residents

Parishioners of the “OCU” [the fake “church” created by Poroshenko as a part of his 2019 electoral PR – ed] tried to capture the church of the [canonical – ed] Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the village of Zadubrovka in the Chernovtsi region, attacking local residents who resisted them.

This was reported on the “Pravblog” Telegram channel. As it became known, the “OCU” attempted the capture after the death of the abbot of the temple of Father Leonid.

At around 17:00 the Internet went down on the territory, and at 22:00 one of the parishioners saw a crowd in balaclavas heading towards the temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. At this time there were several men and three women on duty, who closed themselves in the temple.

The approaching parishioners of the “OCU” had steel pipes, batons, and gas sprays in their hands. “There were about 40 of them. As our source noted, among them were both outsiders and locals. The men who defended the doors of the temple were, not immediately, but all the same dragged into the yard. The attackers beat them mercilessly, they lost of consciousness, with batons, kicking and punching. One of the members of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church even had his slashed cut by a knife. Also a little later a 17-year-old guy, who along with mother came to defend the temple, was beaten,” it is said on the Telegram channel.

“Having freed the space they needed, the ‘Christians of the OCU’ tried to break down the door with the help of a grinder. However, something happened to the generator and their plan failed. Then in the gap formed after the work of the grinder the raiders started to spray tear gas, hoping that the women, having failed to withstand suffocation, will open the temple. But here too they failed: the defenders stood until the end. Then the schismatics resorted to using a crowbar, but this attempt to penetrate the inside of the church failed,” wrote the media.

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Soon local residents came to help the parishioners of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, who managed to call them before the attack started. A police unit also arrived at the temple. Two men in uniform tried to resolve the situation, but were themselves hit by the raiders.

“Only when more and more law enforcement units started to arrive did the attackers start to ‘reduce their activity’. In particular, they quietly took the grinder and the generator outside the temple’s territory. The police saw it, but somehow they did not stop or detain the offenders. It is interesting that the light on the temple’s territory appeared as soon as one of the heads of the local police arrived there. It is also interesting that the supporters of the ‘OCU’ left the crime scene without problems. None of them were detained,” reported the media.

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