A Schoolboy from Donbass Fell into a Coma After Being Bullied at School in Dnepropetrovsk

Translated by Ollie Richardson



A fifth-grader from Donbass had a stroke and fell into a coma after being bullied by teachers and schoolmates in Dnepropetrovsk, reports “DneproChas”.

According to the publication, the incident happened at school No. 52. The boy moved to the city together with his family from the frontline zone in Torez. In the autumn of 2017, a schoolmate obscenely offended him and his pregnant mother. The school student answered: “You are speaking about yourself, not me”. The teacher who intervened in the quarrel accused Ivanov, the boy from the arrived family, of beginning the conflict.

After this, according to the fifth-grader’s parents, persecution at school begun: stones were thrown at the child. The administration transferred him to a parallel class, where the new teacher called him “damaged”.

The mother of the boy said that he was given a trial period and started a special diary for remarks.

Among the recorded complaints — “He walked across the classroom” and “beat up a girl”, however the parents explained that their son simply asked to go to the toilet, and accidentally touched his schoolmate with a ball, which he longly apologised for.

At the beginning of February, according to the publication, the school student called his mother and told her that they were bullying him, after which the connection was terminated. The woman called the class teacher, but didn’t receive from her any intelligible answer. After this it became known that the boy had a stroke.

At school a special meeting was held, at which employees of the police were present. The administration of the school refused to comment, it is noted in the material.


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