SDF Commander: Americans Forbid Us From Talking With Russians

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Talyal Silo is a former colonel and deserter from the SAA. In 2011, he went to Turkey and lived there until 2013. He returned to Aleppo where he was at war with ISIS fighters and “Al-Nusra”. In 2015, he became one of commanders of “Syrian Democratic forces” (SDF), and later their official speaker.

In an exclusive interview with Life, Silo spoke about the strategic partnership of the SDF and the USA. The international coalition gives various support to the SDF. In this regard they have no right to cooperate with Russia. Americans forbid any contact with Russians.

“We’re not permitted to conduct negotiations with Russians because we are committed to an alliance with the United States. It is impossible to contact any other party in order to not lose creditability with the international coalition. Of course, we are free, but we can’t commit an assault if there is no signal from the Americans,” said Talyal Silo.

Silo says that if Russia and the USA will come to an agreement, Kurds can then fight side by side with the Syrian Arab Army and Russians. They (the Kurdish rebels) have volunteers from different countries that are fighting. A few days ago on the territory of Turkey, a group of mercenaries was prepared and redirected to Syria for involvement in fighting in Aleppo.

“We won’t unite with the Syrian Army against ISIS because our forces work only with forces of the international coalition led by the United States. We are partners of the USA and the coalition. It is them who make the decisions. There can’t be coordination between Russians and us, because first of all we have a strategic partnership with the international coalition led by the USA,” Silo added.

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