The Second World War Decisive Argument That the West Doesn’t Have

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Selivanov

The pre-war political strategy of Stalin, which was misunderstood and condemned by his contemporaries and descendants, deprived the modern West of its main accusational argument against Russia.

It is totally obvious that another refusal of the United States and the abstinence of the rest of the West from banning the glorification of Nazism and its leaders, in the context of consideration of the correponding resolution of the UN General Assembly, is an integral part of Western policy on the revision of the history of the Second World War, with the aim of having a significant influence on modern geopolitics.

The West is not quite satisfied with the fact of its own, even if partial, responsibility for this most bloody tragedy in the history of mankind. And so the onus is on them by the fact that Germany is precisely an integral part of Western civilization. And is one of its cornerstones.

That’s why the guilt of Germany is, by and large, the guilt of all of the West. Especially because there is ample evidence of a close alliance between the actions and interests of the Nazi Reich and other Western powers.

In addition, the responsibility for the Nazis, especially the sole responsibility, confuses all the cards of modern geopolitics, in which many things depend precisely on the distribution of the share of guilt for what they did in the past. By and large, the West would like in the future to avoid this confusion and to have a strictly-defined scapegoat for all the historical sins outside of itself. I.e., simply put, to lay the blame only on the Soviet Union and its successor – modern Russia. And that’s that!

Such things, of course, can’t be done in a hurry. Especially after the Nuremberg trials, and half a century of repentance of Germany for all mortal sins. But time passes, mankind’s memory is weakening, especially if it purposefully aided in this. That’s why gradually and subtly the terrain for the change of the social system of orientation is created.

In Europe and the United States, gently suggested to a respectable audience are books, scientific research, movies, and expositions, in which the Nazis, of course, are always bad, but nevertheless it is somehow still possible to understand them. In the same Germany there is a real renaissance of interest in the Third Reich! They even decided to teach “Mein Kampf” in schools. In Eastern Europe there is a genuine boom of national socialism, up to the marches of former SS men in full attire and the erection of monuments to their leaders. I’m not even speaking about Ukraine with its “national heroes” in the form of a full-time agent of the Nazi secret service Bandera and Hauptsturmführer SS Shukhevych.

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And, of course, the Russian resolution condemning all this is completely out-of-place here, at least at this stage, when in the West the question is being decided about equal responsibility between Germany and the USSR for this war.

A significant part of the efforts of Western propaganda is directed towards this. In the framework of this strategy of condemnation, the facts and little facts strongly protrude, which can at least theoretically cast a shadow on Moscow, and the missing “arguments” are shamelessly sucked from the finger. There the average man in the street is being strongly inculcated that Hitler and Stalin were equals, that both were preparing aggression and the seizure of the whole of Europe.

A vast number of arguments in favor of this sameness are invented. From allegedly the criminal Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, to the “joint parade” of Soviet and German troops in Brest, which in reality never took place, to the same fantastic meeting of the Politburo, where Stalin allegedly announced his decision to invade Europe and the operational offensive plan of the General Staff of the Red Army, which nobody has ever seen.

But the average man on the street is like that for a reason, biting on all of this with great pleasure. And he is already almost convinced that all of the blame lies not so much on Hitler, but on Stalin – this devious tyrant, who duped the Führer himself.

And as soon as he was convinced, the main purpose for which all of this is done, is almost fulfilled. The arrow of historical guilt will soon strictly point towards Moscow and, therefore it’s her who has to pay the bills! What do you think – that all of this machinery of Western pseudo-history is turning and grinds exclusively for the love of art? Not at all! Already Latvia wants to chop from Russia at least $200 billion. And there are dozens of examples like “Latvia” in Europe. Germany itself will also not be against the return of their “ancestral territories in the East”.

In short, everything for the West is going smoothly. There is just a very small exception – the fact itself of Soviet aggression against Germany. Thus, no matter how you look at it, on June 22nd, 1941, the border was violated in an Eastern, not a Western direction. And the war in the East was unleashed by Germany, and not the USSR.

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If the West had even the slightest opportunity to put on its “historical” landscape this latest smear in the form of Soviet aggression against the Reich, they would do it with the greatest pleasure. Because as lawyers say, an admission is the mother of all evidence. The final recognition of the beginning of the war by the Soviet Union would crown all the efforts of the West and would deprive Russia of the last opportunity to rebut the accusations against her.

But it is precisely this fundamental, deadly dirt against Russia that the West does not have! And never will. Because to prove otherwise is impossible in principle; it would be a 100% lie that in principle is impossible to justify convincingly.

And now it remains only to remind you to whom we owe the fact that today the West does not have this “mother of evidence”. That’s right – Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. Who, for many years, was mercilessly criticized and condemned in our country precisely for this. For the fact that he categorically forbade our military and border guards from responding to German provocations, up to the execution of the opening of return fire. For the fact that up to the last moment he did not give consent for the deployment of troops in battle formations and their advancement to the border, which could be interpreted as preparations for war. For the fact that he forbade military commanders to even think about the possibility of a pre-emptive strike. And finally – for the fact that a few days before the German attack, in a statement by TASS, he explained to the people who the USSR firmly and strictly follows the spirit and letter of the non-aggression Pact with Hitler.

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As a result of unprecedented restrictions imposed by Stalin on the combat deployment of the Red Army, our army in the initial period of war suffered serious additional losses, which could have been avoided in case of timely exhaustive measures to parry an enemy strike .

But if these “exhaustive measures” had been taken, then the West would have in their hands the decisive and irrefutable argument, which it is so lacking for this new, but this time anti-Russian Nuremberg. The  essence of the argument is the rightness of Hitler, who impudently lied that he started the war because Stalin was prepared to attack and could strike at any moment. But today this lie of the Nazis will remain an unproven lie. Because Stalin had indeed made great efforts not to give Hitler any chance to justify himself before history.

And, by this, he, in advance, three-quarters of a century ago, in fact determined the course and outcome of the current ideological battle about the nature of war between the USSR and Germany, completely depriving the West of the main accusational ace. Having this in their hands, they could cause us considerable harm and bring their case for the historical humiliation of Russia to its logical end. But Stalin didn’t give them this chance. It’s as if he was aware that the war between Russia and the West would not end even with the defeat of Germany. And already at this time he was preparing for the fact that on the scales of world history the weight of responsibility of each of the main participants of those events will be determined. And he ensured that the measure for our country was not excessive.


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