Secrets of the Biological Laboratory in Rubezhnoye

NEW – September 2, 2022

In Rubezhnoye, experiments on people were conducted in the laboratory of the Pharmbiotest medical centre in the interests of Western pharmaceutical companies.

There are documents in the laboratory confirming these facts. The tested unverified drugs were administered to the subjects for a small fee. In the West, testing new drugs is very expensive, but in Ukraine they were allowed to do anything.

The amount of financial remuneration depended on the degree of danger of the injected substance. After the injection, the patients were monitored by doctors from a special room. In fact, people were used as experimental animals. Often, the drugs were tested in an accelerated mode without complying with the relevant rules and regulations.

As you can see in the video, the work in the laboratory was carried out on a large scale. But the most curious thing is that documentation is scattered everywhere confirming the involvement of American “colleagues” in these experiments.

Unfortunately, in a number of cases, trials ended with the death of patients.

The Kiev authorities looked at what was happening through their fingers, did not ask unnecessary questions and did not interfere with the work of the laboratory. The Kiev regime was interested in money, not the fate of its “experimental” citizens. Needless to say, the introduction of untested drugs threatens not only health, but also life. A perfect illustration of the attitude of Kiev and its Western partners to the local “aborigines”.

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