Self-destruction of Maidan is Underway

Translated by Nikita Che




A Russian citizen who actively participated in Kiev’s Maidan and later in Maidanist events in Odessa, and who, according to his own words, was wanted by psychiatrists in Russia, Sergey Sakharchuk attempted suicidal in Odessa. This was reported on his Facebook page on the 19th of January, just before his suicide attempt: “I seem to face a danger to be out, no home, no livelihood.”

His Facekook friends wrote afterwards that he swallowed a lot of pills but was rescued by paramedics. Now he is transferred into a psychiatric ward.

According to Russian human rights activist Sakharchuk, he moved to Odessa because he was scared of being hospitalized in a psychiatric ward in Russia. Before coming in Odessa, he took part in Kiev’s Maidan events in 2013-2014. He also was an active participant in all Odessa Maidanists events. Thus, he made a show of burning his Russian passport out in front of the Russian Consulate in Odessa. In this way he probably hoped to receive Ukrainian citizenship.

It should be mentioned that Ukraine don’t hurry to hand out its citizenship to those Russian citizens who fought in Donbass, standing with Ukraine. Among them is Yulia Tolopa ‘Valkyrie’, who fought being a member of the Azov nationalist battalion. Also, 33-year-old Uzbekistan citizen Shavkat Muhhammad was refused asylum and asked to leave Ukraine.

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