Self-Fulfilling Forecast of Discord and Chaos for America

A country that has lost its bearings starts to destroy its past

In the US, books written by two American writers have become more relevant – they surprisingly accurately predicted what is happening now in America: the black riot, the destruction of monuments of historical figures, the turning of history inside out.

This is a book written by James Robbins, an employee of the American Foreign Policy Council, entitled “Erasing America: Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past” (2018) and the book “Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution” (2019) written by Fox News columnist Tucker Carlson.

“There will be no monuments in honour of American heroes, no history that praises them. The United States will turn into a dark chapter in the history of mankind, it is better to forget it*,” writes James Robbins. He describes the established climate of the cultural revolution in the United States, led by politicians who control education, the media, and the Democratic Party. They “try to destroy and relentlessly attack the past in order to control the present”.*

“Remember America?”* Robbins asks and answers: “If you read about it in the history book, you probably learned about a country of oppression, racism, sexism, unequal income, police brutality, and imperial wars. Otherwise, it was a wonderful place. This image of America is portrayed in most American colleges and schools for high school students, in the American media, films, and speeches of American progressive politicians… George Orwell understood that the most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and corrode their understanding of their own history.”*

Tucker Carlson also claims that in the future of America there will be no monuments in honour of American heroes, or stories about their exploits. He believes that the American state ship is commanded by an inept crew. He holds liberal members of the US Congress and politicians of both political parties responsible for this, whom he accuses of destroying the middle class and widening the gap between rich and poor. Trump’s election – in his opinion, is a desperate attempt by the passengers of the “ship of fools” to send a message to the team.

When Robbins’ book appeared in 2018, it created a sensation in the United States. The Fox News channel dedicated a special program to it with the author’s participation. Answering questions from the host, Robbins again repeated that the time will soon come when the US will begin to demolish statues of even Christopher Columbus. “The trend,” he said, “is to attack the idea of America. To make us all feel ashamed of being Americans. Consider everything about America and say ‘the founding Fathers are bad, the Constitution is racist…’ And where to start, if not with Christopher Columbus, who began the European invasion of America!”

And when the host asked him what the point is of these attempts to discredit the history of America as such, Robbins replied: “I Think the point is that if our country, our past makes us feel bad, they can remake the future as they please.”

“But how did we get to this life?” the reporter asks again, and Robbins answers: “I think this has been embedded in the American education system for decades.”

Both James Robbins and Tucker Carlson criticise what is happening in the United States from conservative anti-Communist positions, reproaching the “radical left” (Democrats), who allegedly want to turn America into a “socialist country”. However, neither of them says that with the rise of China, India, and other major states, the US has lost the birthright of “the only global superpower” (an expression invented by Zbigniew Brzezinski).

America has lost its bearings, and a country that has lost its bearings is beginning to tamper with and destroy its past, thereby closing the road to the future for itself.

Soviet-American scientist Peter Turchin (who emigrated in 1977 from the USSR), who introduced the concept of “cliodynamics” (mathematical modelling of socio-historical processes), predicted in 2010 that by 2020 chaos will begin in America and Europe.

According to Turchin, mass discontent with the ruling elite has been accumulating in American society for a long time. And Donald Trump skilfully used this discontent to become President in 2016. However, since then, the situation has only worsened – America has not become “great again”, as Trump promised his voters, and its social and racial problems have only worsened.

Peter Valentinovich Turchin identifies two major cycles in American history. The first began in 1820 and led to the civil war of 1861-1865. The period of social and political turmoil in America continued until the end of the 1920s. Under the “new deal”, the state adopted reforms that improved the well-being of people and improved the political climate in the country. The peak of this cycle was the American 1950s. However, in the 1970s and 1980s, the situation started to change for the worse again. “Average wages have fallen relative to GDP per capita, and the polarisation of political parties has reached new highs. We have entered the second ‘era of discord’,” says Turchin. According to the scientist, right now American society is most vulnerable. Such periods of decline, he believes, last 5-15 years. However, even Turchin, being a specialist in mathematical modelling of socio-historical processes, did not assume, according to him, that the “discord” in the US would acquire such monstrous forms as it is now.

The second civil war in the United States has factually started.

*Translated from Russian version, so original English wording may differ

Vladimir Malyshev

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