Semenchenko During Skirmishes in Kiev: “It’s Not the Ukrainian Police – It’s the DPR Police!”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the center of Kiev skirmishes took place between law enforcement authorities and radicals making attempts to break into Presidential Administration, and also to establish a tent town on Bankova Street. Ukrainian Deputy Yegor Sobolev showed blood on his face after the skirmish with police, and declared that “Berkut is still alive today”.

“They received the task of letting nobody in. They heroically performed this task. Berkut is alive today, we saw it and even suffered from it,” he said.

The correspondent of “Gordon” reported that about 10 protesters, among whom is the commander of the OUN Nazi battalion, Nikolay Kokhanivsky, were detained. It is noted that the head of the patrol service of Kiev Yury Zozulya took part in the detention.

[Semen Semenchenko once again found himself in a cauldron…but this time at the hands of the law enforcers of the power that he supported from the beginning of Maidan.]

The Ukrainian deputy Semen Semenchenko, one of coordinators of blockade of the DPR and LPR, stated that the arrests are illegal because the protesters didn’t break the law, and the meetings in Kiev were dispersed by “DPR police”. He stated that “DPR members” forced Kokhanivsky to his knees, by beating and arresting him.

“Nobody broke the law, all passed through the metal detectors. The Minister of Internal Affairs — you are trash, bitch. The president — you are trash! It is not the Ukrainian police, it is the DPR,” he said.

“Kokhanivsky was arrested and taken to Shevchenkovsky department of police, 3 Bessarabskaya Square. Attempts were made to put him and several other OUN members, before being arrested, on their knees. Several wounded. The head of one Maidan protester was injured, and he just came to the anniversary of Maidan. Yegor Sobolev was beaten. It is not the police of Ukraine. It is not even “Berkut”. It is the police of the DPR” wrote Semenchenko.

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