Semyon Pegov: The Apocalypse is Cancelled

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


As a result of the information hysterics created by the collective West absolutely artificially two trends tightly took root in our society – both involve unreasonable panic. The first one – nuclear war is on the threshold and everything is lost. The second one – the Americans cross all lines, enough of tolerating it, it is necessary to hit them good and proper.

The first one underestimates the mutual sanity of Russia and the US. Despite the rigid confrontation and the fact that our “western partners” constantly heat the situation to its limit, risking to provoke a forehead-to-forehead clash, nevertheless the political establishment of both countries keeps a certain degree of adequacy.

I don’t believe that Trump is ready to become suicidal for his own petty tyranny or the petty tyranny of those who whisper to him uncompromisingly anti-Russian rhetoric. This is one aspect. And another one – for now there are enough -even dozens – of other (besides nuclear) types of arms with which superpowers to compare their strength, without taking the whole world to the grave.

But let’s move on to that category that antagonises: “How much longer can this last? Why do we tolerate all of this?” These ones in general aren’t aware of what is going on. Their ura-patriotism borders frank ura-idiocy. After all, it is necessary to clearly understand that all of the hysterics of the West, with their Trumps, Macrons, and Israel, would be inappropriate in the event of them being successful in the Middle East.

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For us, in fact, there is no sense in reacting in some military way to their provocations, for that simple reason that their large information and combat dirty tricks are indeed a response to our pragmatic and prudent success in Syria.

It is possible to harp on as much as possible about us “bussing out” terrorists from near Damascus –  supposedly all of them are subject to destruction, but at the same time a fact is a fact – instead of a full-scale ground operation lasting half a year (remember Palmyra, Aleppo) we received the territories of militants literally in a month. With minimum resource expenses.

Now we are almost ready in exactly the same way to take away without a fight another pro-West enclave of militants near Damascus – the city of Douma [at the time of writing the Russian military police have entered the city, but not the Syrian Army – ed]. I’m not saying that everything goes smoothly for us in Syria, nothing happens smoothly in war, but we expand our zones of influence with much fewer human and material expenses than the NATO bloc.

They just lost Afrin to Erdogan. They catastrophically lose their positions in Syria and miss the initiative. It is precisely for this reason that they now behave like a fried chicken pecked them, it is precisely for this reason that they came off the leash and try to at least somehow win the situation back. So ura-alarmists can sleep peacefully. Everything is good for us in Syria.

Is it worth being afraid of a forehead-to-forehead clash in the Middle East? The fact that the Israeli air force bombed the T4 base indicates the opposite. For Trump the priority is to pull the chestnuts out of the fire using the hands of others. Despite all his odium it’s impossible to call the American president stupid or naive. He perfectly understands the risks.

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The American helicopters, traveling from the Al-Tanf base in the south of Syria to the Al-Shaddadi base in the east of Syria, are compelled to fly over the territory of Iraq in order to not be downed by Assad’s forces and those who actively helps Assad – Iran and Russia. It will be necessary for America to answer for any victims [killed US troops – ed] in front of voters, even with regular fakes about “chemical attacks” on children and pseudo-documentary eposes about “monster Assad” – not really understanding, what the US military men specifically do in Syria? What do they die for?

There is such a feeling that the western establishment repeats mantras about chemical weapons only for consolatory auto-training. And they aren’t disturbed by the fact that the further it goes, the more they contradict elementary logic.

Assad (with the assistance of allies, of course) is a step away from a clear victory over militants near Damascus, it is only left to fuel two-three dozen buses to take the militants far away from the capital, but no – the “tyrant” doesn’t want an easy victory and uses “chemical weapons” – otherwise, after all, it’s not possible to win at all. There is no fuel for the buses!!!

No, there won’t be an apocalypse. And what is now happening in the UN Security Council isn’t even a performance, but a rehearsal. The collective West doesn’t miss an opportunity to check Russia’s durability, to probe the level of our geopolitical and militaristic ambitions, to reveal the stock of competence of our diplomats. After all, it is also a strategy, maybe somewhere we will suddenly show our weak point. But meanwhile we don’t give any opportunity for a global manoeuvre that is inconvenient for us, which enrages them even more.

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Diplomatic hardness thus yields results. The latest news says that the announced strike against Syria won’t take place any more – the OPCW commission flies to Damascus for an investigation. Well, let them fly, let them investigate. As is said, the Americans bark, and the Russian caravan goes through the Syrian Desert. Soon we, together with the SAA, will liberate Douma and will move further to the south. And maybe, to the north or to the east. All directions are open for us. We are in Syria legally. And they are not. Therefore, let them be afraid. Let them be nervous.

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