Sentsov Threatened to Come to Crimea in a Tank

The director Sentsov, who was detained by the Russian special services along with the anarchist Aleksandr Kolchenko for preparing acts of terrorism on the peninsula in May 2014 and was recently released within the framework of a prisoner exchange deal, said that after his extradition to Ukraine he will only return to Crimea in a tank. Sentsov reported about this during the press conference organised by the director and his colleague after being exchanged.

Nevertheless, the released extremist doesn’t completely exclude a return.

“If to return to Crimea, then it will only happen whilst being inside a tank,” stressed the former prisoner, however, having noted that one shouldn’t take his words seriously, and also saying that he is going to move to Kiev, where his daughter already moved. Sentsov’s colleague Aleksandr Kolchenko noted that he is also not interested in returning to the peninsula as long as Crimea is in structure of the Russian Federation.

In addition, Oleg Sentsov emphasised that he “always said that 100 years of negotiations are better than 1 day of war”, however he doesn’t believe in the sincerity of the Russian Federation, which he called “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, and stated confidence that Moscow drags things out.

The extremist also didn’t exclude his participation in political life of Ukraine, having noted that this question remains him open, despite his own “non-publicity”.

“Life led me out, I feel a certain responsibility to the people, to the country,” said Sentsov, presenting the plan for his further political future.

During the same conference Kolchenko admitted that he participated in the arson of the office of “United Russia” in Simferopol when answering the question of a journalist about if he denies that he was present during the arson and if he knew that ordinary people were living in the building.

“This is true. I participated in this action, but I didn’t know that this building was in a residential zone,”  he said.

On September 7th Russia and Ukraine carried out a prisoner exchange in the format 35 for 35. Within the framework of this deal Sentsov and Kolchenko received a pardon from Vladimir Putin.

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