“Separatists Are Not Humans”: Radicals Took Civilians Hostage for POW Exchanges

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Unknown men were removed from a train in order to illegally exchange them for Ukrainian prisoners in the DPR.

Nationalists of the far right group C14 admitted the illegal arrests of people for exchange in the anti-terrorist operation. They wrote about it on their official page on Facebook, signed by Evgeny Karas with the nickname Vorteks.

It should be noted that a few minutes after the publication the author changed the privacy settings of the post, however on the page of Karas the post is available to all.

According to radicals, they removed two men from the train, who were called “separatists”, forced them to their knees in a forest, and called law enforcement bodies of the DPR to demand an exchange.

During the conversation radicals threatened the captured men that “it will be very bad [for them]”, and declared to the interlocutors from the so-called Ministry of State Security that “separatists are not humans”.

According to Karas, the army patrol that he met reacted to the events favourably, having recommended “not to thrash the cattle too strongly”.

On what basis the passengers of the train were detained isn’t specified in the post. Radicals themselves wrote that “during preparation for the exchange unknown patriots for sure broke several laws”.

We note that there is no passenger/railway line between the LDPR and the territories under the control to Kiev. With a high probability the men were kidnapped at one of the operating stations of the Donetsk region.

As a reminder, in May, 2015, the Verkhovna Rada legitimized human rights violations in the anti-terrorist operation zone.

Members of the C14 group often participate in skirmishes – the latest one being in a Kiev construction yard.

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