Seriously Ill Ukrainians Demand the Deputy Minister of Healthcare’s Resignation After His Scandalous Statement About Cancer

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On June 4th cancer patients who are citizens of Ukraine held a press conference at the UNIAN agency because of the shocking statements of the Deputy Minister of Healthcare Aleksandr Linchevsky. As “Obozrevatel” reports, the chairman of the board of the National movement for transplantation Yury Andreyev wrote on his page on Facebook that he is sure that the high-ranking official must write a letter of resignation at his own will during the live broadcast.

“There will be those who, according to the deputy minister, ‘will die anyway’. At 11:30. If Linchevsky is a real man, then he will come and say this to seriously ill patients while looking into their eyes,” he said.

“Otherwise there will be a war. On one side — all officials of the Ministry of Healthcare, different ‘consultants’ and ‘advisers’, Linchevsky and Suprun, who have all lost conscience, and their transatlantic and Ukrainian patrons. All together they are few — up to 100 at most. At the same time, on the other side – all doctors and patients who don’t intend to accept the genocide of Ukrainians and demand real healthcare reform. They are in their thousands, millions,” wrote Andreyev.

[It should be noted that the Deputy Minister of Healthcare Aleksandr Linchevsky did not accept Yury Andreyev’s offer to resign live on air]

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