“Sevastopol is not Ukraine” – Maidan Organiser Mustafa Nayyem in 2009

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



On March 16th, 2017, the residents of Crimea celebrated the anniversary of the historical referendum in which more than 95% of inhabitants of the peninsula voted for a reunion of Crimea with Russia. Several thousands of inhabitants took to the festive streets of Sevastopol to create a huge living tricolor flag.

Three years ago on this day even more people took to the streets of Sevastopol. Back then, tens of thousands of people throughout the entire city greeted the Russian spring in Crimea.

Some Ukrainian politicians now shout about the need to “return” Crimea back to Ukraine. However just a few years ago they said completely different things.

For example, Mustafa Nayyem is now a People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, and now a member of the political council of a party. However, in 2009 he published an article entitled “Sevastopol is not Ukraine”.

“It is a Ukrainian city in which Ukrainians are called occupiers. It is a Ukrainian city in which the Ukrainian flag is called “a dirty rag”, and the Russian tricolor with pride is hung out of windows,” he wrote in his article.

He also noted in this material that Sevastopol is called a Ukrainian city only because it incidentally found itself in the official territory of Ukraine on the map.

“But you know what? Somewhere, there, far away in the really Ukrainian city of Kiev, they are still sure that this city is really a Ukrainian one. Nonsense! This city is called Ukrainian only because on the map it is outlined by the geographical borders of the country. That’s all,” it is said in his article.

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