Several Killed, Including Mother & 11-Year-Old Son, After Ukraine Shelled a Market in Donetsk

NEW – June 13, 2022

Ukrainian militants attacked the Budyonnovsky district of Donetsk. From the positions of the UAF in Orlovka, the militants struck in the direction of the “Maysky” market. NATO 155-mm artillery is used against the population.

The bodies of the victims at the May market were taken to the morgue. Among those killed are an 11-year-old boy and his mother.

Later it turned out that another man died. His body was found under the ruins of a destroyed store. Several other people were injured.

DPR People’s Militia:

“Ukrainian nationalists, forgetting about all the norms of morality and rules of warfare, again fired at a mass gathering of people. This time, the ‘Maysky’ market in the Budenovsky district of Donetsk came under fire. Unfortunately, three people died from this terrorist act, and at least five were injured of varying severity.”

In addition to human casualties, the buildings of shopping stores were seriously damaged — the DPR Emergencies Ministry is extinguishing fires. Retail premises have been destroyed, glass and signs are lying on the ground.

“I came to the market, I hear bang-bang, people are all twitching, I’m twitching, I dropped all the goods. In short, UAF, stop bombing Donbass! You say later on the news that we are killing you, we are shooting ourselves. The correspondents will show you now — here, look,” a local resident who survived at the time of the shelling told the special reporters of Readovka.

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