Severodonetsk: The Secret of a Successful Assault

NEW – June 12, 2022

Who prevented the Ukrainian army from turning the city into a second Mariupol, and how?

It took several months to storm Mariupol. But in Severodonetsk, on the territory of the “Azot” plant, there are also quite decent catacombs. So the allied forces had every chance to get stuck there.

According to the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, at first a week-long assault on the city was planned. Then it was decided to shorten it to three days. Thus, some other, fundamentally different solution was found. As a result, the city was taken in three hours. That is, either a third, even more effective plan was invented, or the second plan was so successful that it could be implemented in an even shorter time.

Capture plan

What was the plan? We’ll never know for sure. But we can assume.

The first assumption. A night (most likely) amphibious operation was carried out. The paratroopers blocked the catacomb (or maybe even settled there), thereby depriving the UAF militants of the opportunity to get there in principle. And they mined it tightly.

The second landing blocked the supply routes of ammunition to Severodonetsk. There may have been a third group that beheaded the regional headquarters command. Or maybe it was decapitated by a “Kalibr” that directly hit the target — on an accurate tip from the “land”. Or it was disrupted by some kind of reconnaissance and sabotage group. In this situation, there was absolutely nothing for the personnel remaining in the city to try to catch. And they gave up.

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There are other options. And the most interesting of them is the quiet oral order of the commander-in-chief of the UAF Zaluzhny to leave the city. Zaluzhny is an experienced person. He understood perfectly well that the army would not be able to hold the city. But the number of people in stubborn defence can be an immeasurable amount. Therefore, he ordered them to leave the positions. However, Zelensky sort of insisted on the transfer of some special forces to Severodonetsk. But they, too, could have received a quiet order from Zaluzhny not to “get involved in a quarrel”, quietly disperse in the neighbouring bushes and do not show themselves. In order not to put the best specialists, one’s gold reserve, under Russian artillery.

If so, there was quiet sabotage of the orders of the supreme cocaine addict [Zelensky – SZ].

Underground help

Another option is the help of the local population. Hating the occupiers, local residents could provide maps of the catacombs to the Russian military. Moreover, they could also lead our military into the catacombs. And they could neutralise HQ officers together with them. At one time, half of the Severodonetsk conscripts fought in Afghanistan, and they have a very strong organisation, “Combat Brotherhood”. And these guys know how to fight.

In addition, local residents have a lot of family ties with Donetsk. The militia, quietly incorporated into the city, could also play a role by activating their friends and relatives in Severodonetsk for a good cause. Or maybe they neutralised the HQ.

Is the SBU coming into play?

And another interesting option. Local SBU officers could crack the enemy’s deeply echeloned defence. Some of the operatives working “on the ground” are always recruited from local residents. They have more connections, more friends, more information. But they have little choice when the Russian army approaches.

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Or run away with the retreating Ukrainian troops — first to Kiev, and then to Warsaw, where Polish toilets will be washed for life. Either join the ranks of the Defense Forces or the Ukrainian Armed Forces — and sooner or later lay down their head under Russian bullets, shells and shrapnel. Or “cooperate” with the advancing Russian army. And thereby earn oneself forgiveness.

And since not everyone has their arms elbow-deep in blood, then theoretically they can really be forgiven. And with cooperation, get off with a trifling or suspended sentence. Not only that. The most daring and determined could become useful to the Russian army in the future. And not only on the territory of Ukraine.

Then we are not talking about any deadline at all. It’s possible to count not only on forgiveness, but also on a reward. And being in demand in the future — on the territory liberated from Nazism and the power of the Zelensky-Arestovich-Podolyak of Ukraine.

Perhaps it was a unique attempt. Or maybe not. And then it is possible to transpose it in one form or another to other territories of Ukraine. At least on the Left Bank.

Put aside the showdown!

In any case, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and the “Ukrainian department” of the FSB of Russia, after some professional stupor, joined the game on the fronts “in full.”

Finally, the deep contradictions between the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (GRU) and the specialists from the SVR have been overcome (even for the duration of the fighting). Not only that.

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Now the showdown may end in the collapse of a career and the tearing off of shoulder straps. Eternal competitors now have two common tasks. The first is “to beat the enemy not with numbers, and not only with skill, but also with intelligence.” The second is to make every effort to save the lives of Russian soldiers.

In Severodonetsk, this symbiosis worked very effectively. There is the desire to at least consolidate the success in Kiev, Lvov and Warsaw. And then everywhere.

Igor Moiseyev

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