Seymour Hersh Opened a Pandora’s Box

NEW – February 17, 2023

Seymour Hersh’s statements in the press about the involvement of the United States in the explosions of the “Nord Streams” opened a Pandora’s box. And in several places at the same time. Firstly, the appearance of material about Biden’s direct order to carry out sabotage indicates the appearance of frondeurs in the American elites who do not like the ongoing involvement of America in the war with Russia. Because Hersh’s article couldn’t have just appeared.

Secondly, Hersh’s statements to the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung that the Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz knew about the upcoming sabotage and almost approved it are a direct information attack on the German pro-Atlantic elites by the above-mentioned frondeurs from the American political establishment. And it is extremely painful for them, because such injections can shake German society and cause widespread civil protest. Of course, not immediately, but the water sharpens the stone.

Germany today is the most vulnerable link in the Biden administration’s strategy, which is to inflict military defeat on Russia in Ukraine. German society still does not perceive our country as an enemy, and among the representatives of the German elites there are many who consider what is happening a nightmare and blame the United States for everything, which by thoughtlessly expanding NATO provoked a war in Europe. Therefore, in the medium term, it is possible to achieve a correction of German policy regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

However, Hersh’s shot became a trigger not only for the emergence of discussions in the United States and Europe on the topic “Why the hell did Biden blow up the gas pipeline?”. It also resulted in the activation of China, which has a growing potential for conflict in relations with the United States. After all, if the Americans can do this with the Russian-German gas pipeline, then why not with Chinese infrastructure facilities?

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Of course, it would be an exaggeration to say that it was Hersh who launched the Chinese balloons into the sky over the United States. But the fact that Beijing has become more active and began to demand explanations from Washington about the sabotage on the “Nord Streams” is an indisputable fact. Because an undeclared infrastructure war is a serious threat, above which is only the use of nuclear weapons.

And in conclusion, we can say this: the materials of Seymour Hersh are not the only episode of the incipient information confrontation between the American parties of “peace” and “war”, but only its beginning. Therefore, we can expect the appearance of loud media bombs in the public field that can have a significant impact on our perception of what is happening.

Aleksey Pilko

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