“Shake-Up Plan” in Ukraine: Poroshenko’s Advisor Announced Mass Arrests in the UAF

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the Ukrainian Armed forces mass arrests began of military personnel accused of involvement in the “shake-up plan”, which, as was reported by the SBU, aimed to discredit the Kiev authorities.

Such cases in the Ukrainian Armed forces was reported by adviser of Poroshenko Yury Biryukov on his page on Facebook .

“The last five days there has been an active shaking-up in the UAF. Using special means, “talkers”. They are recorded, some of them have been discretely arrested, but it’s difficult to survey everyone and everything. The army is being shook up”, he said.

In his opinion, any Ukrainian who organizes or goes to protests against the current authorities in Kiev, is stirring things up not only in the country but also the Ukrainian Armed forces. Further, Biryukov stated that those who are now screaming about “criminal power”, “intolerant tariffs” are helpers of the enemies of Ukraine.

“You don’t violate the law (if it is peaceful demonstrations and protests), this right was given to you by our history and our Constitution. But you are frankly and dirtily being played. It’s not the time nor the place for this,” wrote the advisor of Poroshenko.

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