Shameless Exhibition Held in Kiev – Fascists in the Fight Against Fascism

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Vladimir Kornilov

As I already reported, since the date of Victory in Kiev an exhibition devoted to the fight of OUN against fascism takes place.

I will describe again and again about the “heroes” who Vyatrovich & Co presented there as “anti-fascists”. But some photos simply shock! They weren’t even ashamed to present them in German uniform! For example, the photo of Banderist Grigory Golyash is presented directly in a SS uniform with the corresponding SS symbols.

I am curious – when did he manage to “fight against fascists” if he was fighting in the SS division in SS uniform up to the defeat of this division by ours near Brody? Then he fled to the caches and operated as a part of Banderists on the territory of liberated Ukraine, when Germans hadn’t been there for a long time!

But now, as you can see, Poroshenko and Vyatrovich aren’t even ashamed to call him a “fighter against fascism”!

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