The Shocking Aftermath of UAF Shelling in Stakhanov & Irmino

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Houses were damaged as a result of overnight Ukrainian shelling in the settlements Irmino and Stakhanov in the Lugansk People’s Republic.

“In the city of Stakhanov the high-voltage 110 kV power line and window glazing of houses in the city of Irmino was damaged — the window glazing of a house, a fence, and a roof is damaged,” reported the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the LPR. According to the department, there are no victims among the civilians.

At the same time the People’s Militia stated that at around 22.00 on Wednesday the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire at a number of cities and settlements of the LPR. “Stakhanov, Irmino, Bryanka, and Kalinovo suburbs all came under UAF punisher shelling,” said the official representative of the Defense Ministry of LPR Andrey Marochko.

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