Shoigu: Russia’s Ministry of Defence Has Created a System of Forecasting Armed Conflicts

The system allows to predict the place and time of the beginning of armed conflicts, as well as to develop a mechanism for responding to the situation.

In the new episode of the program “Military Receipt”, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said that Russia has created a system that allows, thanks to a database, to predict the beginning of armed conflicts.

“If we put into the database all information about the actions, for example, of the groups in Yugoslavia (when;, how many ships; with how many carriers; how many aircraft; how many missiles; at what time – in the day, at night; what happened), then it is like an ‘alarm clock’ – it rings and reports: ‘You know, the situation is very similar in such a region of the world, because there is the same number of ships, aircraft carriers, aircraft, cruise missile carriers, precision weapons, so there is a high probability that in this point of the world there will be what was there in Yugoslavia’,” the Minister said.

Shoigu stressed that it is not just a forecast, but a model that also provides for the development of a response mechanism.

“A model is being built that provides not only for the definition of such ‘hot’ spots, but also develops a mechanism of response taking into account the mistakes that were made back then in order to prevent them now,” said the head of the Russian military department.

Shoigu also noted that the Ministry of Defence has technical capabilities that allow to accumulate and systematise the necessary information.

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Aleksandr Peskov

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