Shoigu: US & Allies Consistently Destroying Foundations of World Order

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The US, together with Western partners, were consistently destroying the basic foundation of world order, ranging from Bosnia and Kosovo to Iraq and Libya, said the head of the Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu, responding to the accusations of the Head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter of Russia undermining the foundations of the world order. 

“It is the US, together with its Western partners, ranging from Bosnia and Kosovo to Iraq and Libya, were consistently destroying the basic foundations of the existing world order. Russia since the US-NATO operation for the dismemberment of Yugoslavia warned every time what such actions will eventually lead to,” noted Shoigu.

He noted that every time “our American colleagues step on a rake in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other countries, they do not make any deductions.” According to the head of the Defense Ministry, it is time for the US to change strategy, and not to make excuses for their mistakes, blaming everything on Russia, China, and other countries with an independent outlook”.

Earlier, Carter’s speech at Oxford University stated that Russia seeks to undermine the foundations of the world order. He also added that the United States is not looking for an enemy in Russia, but the US will protect “allies, the foundations of world order, and the positive future that it provides us”.

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