You Want to Shoot at Damascus? Wait for S-300 in Cuba…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Syrians have produced a video that is immersive and extremely realistic, especially for pathetic American thinking, on how the S-400 operates and shoots down planes.

Russia Today played it round the clock, so that every “brave” NATO General and U.S. air force pilot can see what awaits them in Syria if they twitch. These guys are cowardly, and when they will be confident that the enemy actually opens fire on them and will be able to reach them, they will start to jump around and puff out their cheeks, but will not dare to start a direct confrontation

I think it would not hurt to pull also Iskanders much more closer. We must do everything to scare them. Announcing the return of the military base in Cuba is also an excellent move: you want to shoot at Damascus? Wait for S-300 in Cuba.

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