Shop Closed: The IMF Refused to Lend to Ukraine

Ukraine has officially won the title of the most corrupt country in the world.

The IMF has officially denied Ukraine loans for fear that they will all be stolen.

Such unpleasant news for Ukraine was reported by The Wall Street Journal. According to it, the International Monetary Fund is delaying the provision of financial assistance to Ukraine. The reason is known – the IMF really fears that Ukraine will not be able to return the billions of dollars it was lent by the organisation. And not at all because of the bad economic situation. But because previous tranches from the IMF have already been stolen by Ukrainian banks, which were their recipients.

The Wall Street Journal writes that such a strict condition was imposed on Ukraine during negotiations between the country and the organisation. The IMF has explicitly linked the provision of future loans to the search for funds that have disappeared from the accounts where they were transferred. Curiously, among those suspected of theft is the name of Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky. It was he who made Vladimir Zelensky president. Under him he managed to return to his motherland, and his people actively work in the administration of Zelensky. Therefore, the IMF invited Zelensky personally to take control of the issue of finding stolen loans.

Igor Kolomoisky owned the largest Ukrainian “Privatbank“, which after the conflict with former President Peter Poroshenko was nationalised in 2016. After nationalisation, the Ukrainian authorities stated that a hole of $5.6 billion had been identified in the bank.

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The IMF suggested that Vladimir Zelensky look for missing loans “aggressively”. As long as the theft continues, new financial assistance to Kiev is postponed, the IMF said. In addition, the organisation called on Vladimir Zelensky to fulfil his own campaign promises. Namely to fight money laundering, theft, and clean up the Ukrainian financial system.

Finally, the head of the IMF mission to Ukraine, Ron van Roden, called on the country to amend the legislative framework to effectively and effectively combat corruption, the dominance of oligarchs, and the fact that a large part of the Ukrainian economy is state-owned enterprises.

The most curious thing is that Ukraine has acknowledged the loss of IMF funds. For example, the local central bank stated that it was making every effort to find them. At present, it is believed that in the last 10 years about $15 billion has been stolen from about 100 banks, including those controlled by Igor Kolomoisky. It is this that Zelensky is asked to return.

It should be noted that in recent times the IMF has not become the first international organisation to be sharply disappointed in what is happening in Ukraine. Thus, 40 congressmen simultaneously called on the US Department of State to recognise the icon of Ukrainian nationalism, the volunteer battalion “Azov“, as a terrorist organisation. As we can see, Ukraine’s charm is blurring like fog.

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