“Sh*t on the Russians and Die Happy” – Ukraine Formulated a National Idea

The west has imposed on Ukraine a false national idea of opposing Russia, turning it into a battlefield for a possible war with Russia.

This was stated on the air of the talk show “Solo” on the TV channel 112 Ukraine by people’s deputy from the party Opposition Platform – For Life Renat Kuzmin.


“Ukraine is not a subject of international politics, but an object. When president Poroshenko signs the national defence strategy, which stipulates that the territory of Ukraine will be used by NATO countries for war with Russia, this is the height of cynicism. As for me, this is a state crime.

In other words, in the geopolitical confrontation between the US and Russia, the territory of Ukraine will be used as a theatre of war. I.e., there is no state, there is a battlefield called ‘Ukraine’. And what did president Zelensky do? By his decree, he authorised the exercises of NATO countries on the territory of Ukraine for all 366 days of this leap year 2020.

Now every day on the territory of Ukraine, foreign troops can train, which they actually do, flying back and forth to the Russian border. American B-52 bombers patrol along the Russian-Ukrainian border, British armed forces – all these exercises provoke Russia to commit retaliatory actions.

And imagine a situation when NATO bombers from the territory of Ukraine during exercises practice approaching the Russian border, invasion, bombing and flying back. What should the Russians do in this sense, and how should they react? And if they perceive all of this not as an exercise, but as an attack on Russia? They will start destroying these planes that came to them from the territory of Ukraine, and they will also destroy Ukrainian decision-making centres.

Is this what we want? Is this our aspiration to join NATO and the European Union? It turns out that we were all imposed a false national idea, invented in the offices of the intelligence agencies of western countries. This idea is expressed in making Ukraine ‘anti-Russia’, we all have to die in order to somehow annoy Russia.

Our officials compete in who can shit on the Russians the most, and whoever has shat the most is the best patriot in our country. And in this competition, who can shit on the Russians the most, we have destroyed our industry, completely destroyed the social sphere, medicine, education, we have destroyed our future in fact,” Renat Kuzmin concluded.

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