Signs That American “One World” Hegemony Is Over

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Tensions are growing, the US’ actions are becoming radical. The main bet of the American “hawks” on Clinton may not work, because even many supporters of radicalisation believe that the psychotic old dear, who can kick the bucket at any moment, is not the best candidate for the US presidency in such a difficult time for them.

That’s why they gave a billion dollars to the Kiev regime in advance to pay for provocations against Russia. Today, there is a stage show where the police supposedly defend the Embassies, but it is made in such a way as to cause more discontent and hatred among nationalists: “Government defends Moskals, and insults Patriots”. This show is very staged, there is even no need for Stanislavsky.

It is for the same reason that American aircraft attacked the positions of the Syrian Army, killing over 60 soldiers. This is not a sign of strength, is a sign of weakness. I would even say, a gesture of desperation. “Chief, all is lost, Assad was able to hold on, ISIS is flushing us”.

In response, Russia called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting, which also was held behind closed doors. And this means that the standard statement about nothing, which are usually pronounced for public posturing, will not work anymore, but there will be a tough, blunt conversation.

That’s why today in Russia, liberal hamsters fill up social networks with rendered in advance fake videos about “rigging the elections”, with no less pre-prepared “outraged” comments.

But the show will not go on because only fifty freaks gathered on Maidan in Moscow, and the holder of the Maidan communal fund Zakharchenko was tied with all the money (and now hastily creates stories about “interior designer and gang conflict”).

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That’s why Americans fined Deutsche Bank for an unheard of sum of 14 billion (while they don’t fine “their” banks for the same violation of accounting like in 2008) – whilst their task is not to get an advanced billion but to destroy the European banking system before the US one collapses.

Moreover “Deutsche Bank” has openly said that will it not pay (and rightly so, because such claims are not within the jurisdiction of American courts). Something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Likewise, “Volkswagen” sabotages the payment assigned to it by the Americans penalty.

Moreover, the EU in response penalizes the American icon “Apple” – and this is already an open declaration of war, which in its sense is no different at all from the “Boston tea party”.

I’m not even talking about the categorical refusal of the Europeans to sign TTIP. Yet a couple of years ago, most analysts (and not only Russian) believed that Europe will roll over and be devoured. But behind the little suits and polite manners of the European elite are the descendants of the conquistadors, the crusaders, and other bandits and pirates. Which, in my opinion, are much more rigid than the spoiled-by-the-lack-of-real-competition Americans, living on their transatlantic continent .

Masks are dropped, the games are nearly over.

The illusion of “one world” falls apart in the areas of interest and antagonistic groupings. Alliances are breaking, like the paper on which they were registered. Now everyone will be on their own (except for Russia, which is friends exclusively by “interests”, which is why she’s sincere).

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Put on your helmets, comrades: now, naked, without any disguise, truth will rush out. And if you are not rooted in reality, then you can be swept away.

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