“Sin of Federalization”: Ukrainian False Patriarch Justifies UAF Violence in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



After the so-called “revolution of dignity” on Maidan, the political landscape of Ukraine has changed dramatically. In the big political arena came even yesterday’s outcasts, who were preaching the theory of the superiority of the “white race” and admiring German national-socialists. First of all, these people popularized UPA  – a frankly Nazi party, then became the instigators of the official propaganda of fascism that justify the bloody extermination of the inhabitants of Donbass.

But one thing is when these ideas are spread by immoral outcasts unfamiliar with moral and ethical standards, and another thing is when the same position is shared by the Church, justifying the murder of people for religious motives. And we are not talking about some kind of sect, but about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, which includes 44% of Ukrainians.

The head and founder of the UOC-KP Mikhail Denisenko, who calls himself Patriarch Filaret, is convinced that the suffering of the residents of Donbass is a consequence of their sins.

“Do not think that the population of Donbass is innocent in these sufferings. They are not. And they have to wash away their sins with suffering and blood,” said Filaret in a speech to the laity.

His address refers to what kind of sin? Of what are the people of Donbass guilty of before the Orthodox Church, which calls itself the UOC-KP?

It turns out that it is the sin of federalization – a brand new sin unprecedented in the history of Orthodoxy.

“Did they vote in the referendum for federalization? Yes they did. have they sinned? Yes they have. This is the consequence of this sin. If they did not sin, and they didn’t vote, it would not happen,” assures the false Patriarch.

It should be noted that earlier Denisenko was the victim of a prank phone call by a prankster who impersonated the UAF battalion commander Semen Semenchenko, telling Filaret about all the horrors occurring in Donbas. In particular, he spoke about how he killed an unarmed teenager and used various kinds of violence against the militias. Without thinking twice, the false Patriarch absolved all the sins of “Semenchenko”, referring to the fact that the UAF is “like David beheading Goliath in the pursuit of freedom from foreigners”.


It is not surprising that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate is unrecognized throughout the Orthodox world. It is a real cult that distorts and wrenches out evangelical values to justify the criminal policy of Kiev. The UOC-KP has nothing in common with Orthodoxy and religion at all, it is another branch of the propaganda machine of the neighboring state, to brainwash Ukrainians with radical ideas.

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