“Sit At Home on May 2nd!”: Ukrainian Radicals Tried to Intimidate the Citizens of Odessa on the Eve of the Anniversary of the 2014 Massacre

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The nationalist organisations of Odessa made a cynical statement: on May 2nd they are going to “celebrate the victory” of Odessa and don’t wish to see mourning for the victims of the fire in the House of Trade Unions.

The nationalists recorded the statement on video, and at the same time it should be noted that they cowardly covered their faces with balaclavas. They demand from the inhabitants of Odessa to “stay at home” until their march of “Ukrainian order” takes place in the city. They openly threatened the residents by saying “don’t say that we didn’t warn you!”.

The holding of this event was already announced by the Ukrainian right-wing radical groups National Corpus, Right Sector, the “Svoboda” party, and others. They announced the holding of a “March of Ukrainian order” in Odessa on May 2nd – for the fourth anniversary of the massacre of citizens in the House of Trade Unions.

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