Slowly, But Surely

NEW – September 11, 2022

Earlier, on 12.08.2022, in the article “Where war leads” I showed Putin’s main goals in Ukraine.

I will repeat a couple of theses

“… Putin’s real goal in Ukraine almost does not apply to Ukraine itself. Ukraine for Russia is just a key to Europe …”

“… Let’s refresh our memory – the Russians retreated, leaving numerous local residents sympathetic to Russia, whom the Banderists then killed. This alone shows that Putin’s real goal is not as clear as it seems …”

Now pay attention to the recent retreat from Kupyansk, Balakleya, Izyum. In contrast to the exit from Gostomel, this time the evacuation of those wishing to go to controlled territories and to Russia was organised. Yes, many civilians remained in the hope of the mercy of the Ukrainian Banderists. They hoped in vain, they say the reprisals have already begun, but those who wanted to leave were able to leave.

The following is a brief summary of the Special Operation info field.

It was very important for Zelensky to organise a counteroffensive that would give him trump cards at a meeting with Western curators in Ramstein. “Give me more weapons and more money!” – this is the main thesis of the clown. And the result was extremely important. He got the result, but solely for the reason that Putin now needs the same result, only in other words – to drag the West into Ukraine. It is here that one must look for the real reason for the retreat. Let there be sacrifices, war is not without them. Hundreds and thousands of people who sympathise with Russia will be shot, there will be investigations by the Western community, just like in Bucha.

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But the more the West interferes in this war, the more it gets bogged down in it, and the more confidence the West gains that this war can be won against Russia.

At the same time, Russia completely blocks gas supplies to Europe. It cut off the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant from Ukraine and begins to transfer the station to a “cold mode”, and in fact begins the conservation of the station. It is also worth paying attention to Putin’s words in Vladivostok about the export of Ukrainian wheat from the Black Sea ports of Ukraine. Just a couple of Putin’s words about Western partners – “We were swindled and ditched.”

Why does Putin need to explain something else, if it is already clear that this winter Europe will be left without heat and food? Electricity and oil products are under question.

That’s when it becomes clear that it is impossible to consider the Russian Special Operation in Ukraine in isolation from global events, where the US will block the issuance of visas to our representatives in the UN, and right now Russia is seeking an international investigation at the UN into American biological laboratories, so that “when all the cards fall on table” Russia will be able to declare these laboratories as its legitimate military targets. And there is still a huge number of events invisible to us, which either drown in the information flow, or are diligently hidden. Therefore, we cannot evaluate it now.

It is necessary to understand only one thing.

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There is no war in Ukraine as such. There is a war between Russia and the collective West on a global scale, and all events today must be evaluated in conjunction.

But the way these events fit into the canvas and the idea of ​​a person who is feared and respected by the whole world, this is precisely what gives us strength and faith, no matter what, to live and work on.

That’s all I wanted to say.


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