“Smerch”, “Grad”, & “Uragan” Scorched the Test Site: Footage of Exercises for Artillerist’s Day

On the eve of the Day of the Missile Troops and Artillery, soldiers conducted exercises at the Luga test site in the Leningrad region. Cadets of the Mikhail Mikhailovskaya Artillery Military Academy and gunners of the Western Military District took part in the complex tactical occupation.

The military split into teams where one destroyed heavy enemy armoured vehicles and the other repelled a captured command post.

The exercise involved a 152-mm “Msta-S” self-propelled artillery unit of the latest generation with an automated fire guidance control system and 122-mm “Gvozdika” howitzers.

The most impressive and loudest part of the exercise was the simultaneous operation of several multiple rocket systems – “Grad”, “Smerch”, and “Uragan”. The manoeuvres were completed by firing from the tactical missile complex “Tochka-U”.

When the smoke dissipated at the test site, another heavy but important task began at the firing positions: the cadets cleaned the barrels of their guns.

Day of the Missile Troops and Artillery is celebrated every year on November 19th. The date of the holiday was not chosen by coincidence. On November 19th 1942 a historic counter-offensive by the Red Army started near Stalingrad. The operation, which reversed the outcome of the Great Patriotic War, was preceded by the artillery training of Soviet troops.

Roman Zakurdayev, Andrey Arkadyev

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