So, From Navalny’s Investigation, We Learned…

So, from Navalny‘s investigation, we learned that:

1. Putin ordered to kill Navalny solely out of fear that he would become president. It was not specified how a twice-convicted felon can become president.

2. A whole unit of the FSB chased Navalny all over Russia for four years in order to poison him with Novichok. The Chekists do not use more reliable poisons in principle, even after the story with the Skripals.

3. Continuous failures with poisoning are caused by one thing – the inability to find the dosage. After all, the weight and routine of Navalny for the FSB is a secret sealed with seven seals, and the Chekists do not recognise the formulas.

4. Moscow is the only place in Russia where Navalny is unkillable. Otherwise, why poison him strictly on trips?

5. FSB agents register phones under their full name and have been using the same numbers on special assignments for years. They are also registered in the house of Navalny, and some – in general in the Lubyanka. So it is said in the databases, leaked by “corrupt employees”, and they wouldn’t lie.

6. The databases of air travel and calls of FSB officers, down to their geolocation, are “freely traded” and “available on the Internet”. Do you want to have a look? Take our word for it!

7. The “surveilling” FSB never leaves “a day earlier than the one who it is tailing”, bets Aleksey. After all, Chekists are not found in the provinces, there is no one to transfer surveillance on him to. Why can’t it be proof that this is not a “surveillance campaign”, but a “team of killers”?

8. Having screwed up with the poisoning of Navalny in Tomsk, the “team of murderers” rushes right to Biysk – for a consultation at the institute. After all, only there can they learn how to cover up their tracks!

9. Navalny was released to Germany because the “loafers from the secret institute” lied to Putin about the timeframe of decomposition of “Novichok”. And he believed it. Nah, well, how can you not believe the people who just managed to fail your assignment?

10. And all this investigation came from the pen of Bellingcat. The same cistern of British special agents who accused Russia of the downed a Boeing on the basis of “evidence from social networks”, and Assad – of chemical attacks in his own cities. So do not reflect – spread it!

Denis Tukmakov

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