A Sobering View of Obama’s “Complete Fiasco” Foreign Policy

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The cheerful remark about the “complete fiasco” of US foreign policy would appear to be an obvious exaggeration.

The foreign policy of the outgoing administration of US President Barack Obama was complete a failure, stated the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on January 12th, 2017. “It’s a complete fiasco,” she stressed at a briefing in Moscow.

On the one hand it is always pleasant to hear about failures, and especially about the “complete fiasco” of the so obvious enemies of Russia, like Obama and his entourage. It’s very soothing and excellently energizes. Provided that, of course, such verdicts, at least in some measure correspond to reality. You know, I would like to remain grounded and not to confuse desires with reality.

I don’t know what specifically Ms. Zakharova had in mind, speaking of the “complete fiasco” of the current American administration. She did not elaborate. But since we are talking about the official representative of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, because of her delegated position, such assessments must be commensurate primarily with the interests of the country this person represents.

What kind of “complete fiasco” of Obama can we speak of in relation to Russia? Yes, of course, he has not “ripped to shreds” the Russian economy and failed to isolate Russia from the rest of the world, as he promised. But it is not necessary to be an academic of political science to realize that the US did not task themselves with such obviously unattainable. And all the talking on this subject was, by and large, vulgar propaganda and self-PR. But from the fact that Obama’s propaganda was not entirely adequate, it is unlikely to make the conclusion of a “complete fiasco” of American foreign policy as such.

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Of course, if desired, it is possible to attribute as fruitless the not-entirely-successful-for-the-US butting of heads with Russia in Syria, or the permanent dead-end that is the Afghan situation. But compared to, for example, with the crushing defeat of America in the same Vietnam war, this “complete fiasco” is lacking.

Meanwhile, in terms of damage to Russia itself and its fundamental national-state interests, there is no reason to believe Barack Obama is a loser and a failure of a head of the United States. First of all because he was able to do against Russia and the Russian world what no American President before him, and moreover – no one in the history of the world – was able to do! 

And really — what did the enemies of Russia in the old days succeed in? Napoleon Bonaparte and, later, Adolf Hitler, achieved only the maximum cohesion of Russians and the friendly-to-them peoples for the victorious repulsion of foreign aggression. Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush were able to, at the very least, destroy the Soviet Union (the same Russian Empire), and even to cause the Russians and some outlying tribes to quarrel. As a result, the first blood was shed. Russians started to be shot in different areas of their former country. But! Even at this time there was no question of Russians starting to shoot at Russians. Only Obama was able to fulfill this fundamental task – to exterminate the very basis of the existence of the Russian world, when according to his own words, he “helped the change of power in Kiev.”

Providing the actual capture of Ukraine by extremist anti-Russian elements and by supporting them with all its political and financial power, the US today has turned this country into a festering, constantly bleeding wound on the body of the Russian world, inflicting the heaviest geopolitical defeat in history. Never before in its existence has Russia faced such an existential threat – coming from her own historical territories, from a significant part of its own Russian people.

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Whatever could be spewed on the Internet today about the “Damn Moskals” and “Dumb Khohols” (Ukrainians – ed), the medical and genetic fact is that in Donbass, Russians fight with the same Russians – maybe with the brainwashed and fooled, but with their same-blooded brothers. From both sides, Russian blood pours. And today, this conflict, with all imagination, is impossible to describe as being close to its exhaustion and conclusion. American agents, entrenched in Kiev, regularly do their dirty work and continue to sow seeds of hatred on the Russian land. I’m not going to deny that Moscow agents of the same West are not aiding this. So it can be said that the prospect of our Russian world, affected to its very historical heart, is far from being joyful. In fact, we were set on each other in a fratricidal war on our own land. During which we will, quite possibly, destroy each other in increasing quantities, wasting our human energies and material resources, just like what our sworn enemies who started all of this need. And the only thing they need is that we evaporate from this planet as soon as possible, and free for them the most enriched with natural resources land on Earth. Today, it is precisely our people who are bleeding, and Western fans sitting in the stands of this geopolitical Colosseum, observing with delight this fight to the death of Slavic Gladiator, and they just want them to kill each other as soon as possible.

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Let’s agree that everything described above doesn’t look like a “complete fiasco” of American foreign policy. On the contrary, in terms of advancing the global interests of the West and the creation of favorable conditions for its further expansion, Barack Obama is close to being the most successful American President. Such is the ugly truth, the objective nature of which we should be well aware of. At least, under the soothing chirping about the “complete fiasco” of the US, we shouldn’t accidentally oversleep on the rest of Russia.

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