Soldier Who Defected From the UAF Expressed Desire to Serve in the LPR Army

Translated by Nikita Che



Oleg Popov, who recently defected to the LPR, announced his desire to serve in the ranks of the People’s Militia, reported the Lugansk information centre on December 6th.

“I entered the LPR as a soldier to go to west, to join the LPR armed forces and to dump the authorities of Ukraine as a soldier of the Lugansk or Donetsk People’s Republic, anywhere,” said Popov.

He added that he didn’t have the intention to just flee from the UAF, but that he had understood he could be killed while crossing the contact line.

“I wanted to be a soldier all my life; my father and grand father had been military. When I came to sign a contract [with the UAF], I had a set view on the army, but the army in fact turned out to be different.”

Popov stressed that he “went to the army as a soldier, not as a nationalist.” So he was disappointed to find himself among nationalists who also often were drug addicted, criminals, and alcoholics.

Spokesman for the People’s Militia Andrey Marochko noted that as of now, Popov has POW status, and his fate will be decided after an investigation.

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