Some Don’t Remember How Much Putin Has Done for Russia

There are people in Russia who don’t remember how much Putin has done for Russia:

  • After 17 years, Putin increased Russia’s budget 22-fold, military spending 30-fold, GDP 12-fold (Russia jumped from 36th place in the world in terms of GDP to 6th place);
  • Increased gold and foreign exchange reserves 48-fold!
  • Returned 256 mineral deposits to the Russian jurisdiction (it is left to return 3!);
  • Disrupted the most “liberal” production-sharing agreement in history – the PSA (explanation below);
  • Nationalised 65% of the oil industry and 95% of the gas and many other industries;
  • Raised industry and agriculture (Russia has been ranked 2nd-3rd in the world in terms of grain exports for 5 years in a row, overtaking the US, which is now in 4th place);
  • Increased average salaries in the public sector 18.5-fold in 12 years, and average pensions 14-fold.
  • Well, quite a trifle: Putin (it was precisely him) reduced the extinction of the Russian population from 1.5 million people a year in 1999 to 21,000 in 2011, i.e. 71.5-fold.

In addition, Putin:

  • Canceled the Khasavyurt Accord – thus he defended the integrity of Russia;
  • Made known the NGO-5th column and banned deputies from having accounts abroad;
  • Defended Syria;
  • Stopped the war in Chechnya.

Putin’s cancellation of the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) is a great achievement! The PSA is an agreement under which America plundered Russia since the 90s and in return Yeltsin was given loans. Putin fought for its abolition for almost 4 years with the help of numerous successive amendments. So the abolition of the PSA caused incredible hatred in America for Putin, as he took away from them the unhindered plunder of Russia. Hence the hatred of Putin, but unfortunately not everyone knows about it.

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Why can’t Putin change everything at once? Why does he do forced stops? Why does he sometimes have to make temporary arrangements?

Because the gentlemen “Democrats” in the 90s melted the country down, sold it and allowed the bastards to live at the expense of Russian natural resources, adopted a thousand treacherous laws including the Constitution of 1993 and weakened the country so much that it was difficult for Russia in the early 2000s to resist America without consequences, so Putin is fighting them gradually. Therefore, Putin had to manoeuvre and do everything gradually, not in a single moment, but in one direction, and now he is also thinking about how to solve Russia’s problems and at the same time not expose it to being torn apart, like Libya and Syria were.

America has long been tired of Putin, who takes away from them with enviable constancy their influence and area after area that they robbed in Russia, then he offers to replace the dollar with another settlement currency… And all of this is not without danger… For example: Gaddafi paid with his life for the idea of changing the settlement currency of the dollar to another, now there is no rich flourishing Libya, no Gaddafi. Libya is in ruins…

Most people in the 90s could not just go to the store and buy most food products, they could not send their children/boys to the ARMY without pain and fear… The war in Chechnya. Fear, as our guys were constantly dying. Cities sat without heating, gas and water. There were no salaries, racketeering, open shooting in the cities. No pensions, no jobs, nothing. No one thought about improving housing, repairs and so on, they were glad that they were alive.

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Now that things have changed and most people began to live much better, when driveways and yards are crowded with cars, and houses are renovated, when it can be hard to see the old window frames and front door, when almost all repairs are done in apartments, in houses all that can be heard is drilling, buzzing and hammering, when even an average person carries an overflowing bag of groceries from the store, when young families are compensated for part of the cost of housing, when maternity capital is paid and maternity benefits. And people can no longer imagine how our mothers in the 50s-60s just gave birth and went to work on the 56th day and there was no help. When pensions are delivered on time and this has become the norm. And they are not reduced, as in many countries. When for the majority both work and salaries are issued on time. When in a global crisis, we do not feel it, to tell the truth, because life by and large does not change that much in our country.

And now, when we started to forget the 90’s, we started to grow coarse and be susceptible to provocations. I understand that it was impossible to observe such a picture of well-being as it is now in the 90s. Even if a person worked in the 90s and was busy at work for 24 hours, they couldn’t earn or feed their family in any way. That was then. And now, when gradual changes have come and most of us have started to be better off (of course, no one disputes, everyone would like to live in a villa and get a lot of money, but, alas, there is no such thing anywhere in the world), having become better off, for some reason we started to forget how much work and labour Putin invested in our country, and thus calmly succumb to any provocation.

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Yes, not everyone is well off, not everything has been done and there is much more to be done, but this is not a reason to betray the man who pulled the country out of collapse! Moreover, now huge forces and means are shovelled into those who oppose him.

So let us, each in one’s own place, do at least a little for the development of Russia, help it, and not help those who openly sell themselves, sell Russia, and act in the hands of other people’s aspirations. They really do not want to see Putin as PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA!

Leonid Voronin

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