Son of Woman Murdered in Donetsk: Mr. Poroshenko, Retribution Will Come to You

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As the man stated, the Ukrainian military also killed his cousin two years ago.

The son of the female resident of Donetsk who died (shrapnel severed her  from shelling — Sergey Tretyakov — described how the UAF soldiers opened fire from Avdeevka. According to him, it is same people who in 2014 killed his cousin, her husband, and two children.

“Mr. Poroshenko, redistribution will come to you. How you were crying in front of Merkel: “Oh, soldiers were killed”. But what you did here, beasts – “liberators”. Leave now so that nobody sees you here. If you come here, you will be cut like pigs,” said Sergey.

As a reminder, today as a result of the shelling of several districts of Donetsk by the Ukrainian military one person has died, and three more were wounded. The Russian Federation has already opened a criminal case on this fact.

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