Soon Ukrainian Politicians Will Delete Posts Not Only About Trump…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Selivanov

A time to love Putin. A sudden explosion of adoration of Trump in Kiev obviously is not the last “love story” of the corrupt Ukrainian elite.

Ukrainian media drew attention to the fact that the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has hidden publications on his Facebook in which he called the presidential candidate of the United States Donald Trump “shameless” and a “dangerous outcast”.

Currently, this post from July 31, 2016, is missing from the timeline on the website of the Minister.


US presidential candidate Trump’s shameless statement on the possible recognition of Crimea as Russian makes him a dangerous outcast. And he is dangerous for both Ukraine and the United States. An outcast, who indulges Putin’s dictatorship, cannot be the guarantor of democratic freedoms in the United States and the world. There must be a reason why Manafort used to head the election headquarters of president Yanukovych. …Yanukovych had to escape to Russia via Crimea. Where would Manafort bring Trump?

Avakov, in Kiev, is far from alone in being so fast. These days, almost all Kiev Juntacrats are quickly wiping off the Internet their anti-Trump assaults. And someone is already loudly trumpeting about his close, nearly kinship ties with the new American President. The social network is dappled with dozens of photos in which leading “Ukrainian politicians” make nearly long drawn out kisses with this yesterday’s “devil incarnate”. I.e. the fact that yesterday it was possible to become the “betrayer of Ukraine” and to fall into political disgrace, already now it is seen in Kiev as an outstanding merit! A real circus with clowns!

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It doesn’t remind you of anything? You make no associations? Indeed – I also have them.

Human is a style. And the style of Ukrainian “elite” is betrayal and treason in non-stop mode. They learnt this long before Ukraine started its existence, and even the concept of Ukrainians itself. These professional Mazepas always changed their beliefs and preferences with the speed of a weathervane, always changing its position depending on the direction of the wind.

And they can’t do it in any other way, even if they desired it – because of their physiological nature. That is why I can safely say that the story of the sudden common adoration of Trump is far from being the last. And with the same measure of cynicism and shamelessness, when the appropriate hour will come, they will just as quickly rush to erase from their “Facebook” well-known ПТН ПНХ and glue their glamorous photos in which they shake the hand of the current “leader of the bloody Mordor” and receive from his hands honorary awards.

And such a time will inevitably come. And it’s already not far off.

So comrades of the militia of Donbass, Odessa’s underground, and Moscow political refugees! Be ready to learn many interesting and even weird things about your current enemies. For example, that Avakov, purposefully gathered the biggest thugs, in order to afterwards tie them up. That Yatsenyuk, as Prime Minister, purposefully adopted such laws in order to maximally embitter the people against the junta. He, incidentally, was quite successful. That the only thing Defence Minister Poltorak did was to cook the Ukrainian Army in consecutive cauldrons on the orders of the Russian General staff. And that even Poroshenko, with his unrestrained drinking, was only following the directive of the Kremlin about the maximal discrediting of the Ukrainian power.

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Everything will happen like this. You thought that such behaviour will relate only to Trump?

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