Soros-Funded “Detektor.Media”: Opposition Journalists in Ukraine Should Be Jailed for up to 15 Years

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The public organization “Detektor Media”, which is financed by the American Soros fund, criticized the Kiev authorities for its inability to close oppositional media.

This was reported by journalists of the “Golos Pravdy” publication with reference to an article entitled “Vesti and Strana: why are law enforcement bodies not successful in anything?” – the other day it was published on the website of the organization.

Grant-eaters were inspired by the searches that the SBU carried out in the office and in the apartments of journalists of the publication, and in the office of “Vesti”.

Detektor Media employees consider that the oppositional media of Ukraine “works for the enemy” because they refuse to support the continuation of war in Donbass (unlike “Detektor Media”) and openly criticize the authorities. Also grant-eaters are indignant  that oppositional media turns the attempt of the Kiev regime to close them into free advertizing.

In this regard “Detektor Media” advises the authorities to be more rigid, “not to choose between determination and observance of democratic standards” and to accuse the employees of oppositional media of high treason. The maximum term of punishment for this is up to 15 years of imprisonment.

As a reminder, earlier the Soros fund financed through “Detektor Media” the application of pressure on Ukrainian media agencies that don’t support the continuation of war. In the published statement it is noted that OO “Detektor Media” and the General Staff of the SBU signed a “memorandum of understanding and cooperation”. It provides “the carrying out of a number of joint media, educational, and other actions”. In fact, the fight with dissent has been strengthened.

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“Detektor Media” actively supports and justifies the detention of Ukrainian citizens by representatives of the SBU for criticism of the authorities on social networks, “raider seizures” of TV and radio companies. Also the organization prepares reports on those media agencies that give the floor to oppositionists.

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