South Stream or Russia Settling the Score With the US…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The news now coming from Bulgaria and Brussels makes me o remember 2014, when the gas pipeline project “South Stream” was killed by the efforts of pro-American officials of the European Commission and their Bulgarian friends. Especially gleeful were our southern neighbors, who at the funeral of South Stream tore apart not even two, but twenty-two accordions [Russian expression – ed], just like in the famous joke about the mother-in-law. Today they must be very regretful, because the cruel fate pulled this victory from the archive and with a flick of the wrist reformatted it into a real treason. Let’s discuss what happened.

Inspired by the example of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov decided on the sly to resurrect the South Stream and, to the big surprise of the handshaking public, received support from the leadership of the European Commission in the person of Jean-Claude Juncker, the same person who came to St. Petersburg for an economic forum despite protests of the US State Department. In September, there will be in Bulgaria a meeting between all shareholders, which were invited by the European Commission and the Bulgarian government in order to breathe new life into the Russian pipeline.

In fact, what’s going on is not surprising. Speaking the language of Internet memes, one could say that Prime Minister Borisov is just a slowpoke, which was very late to notice the main feature of the current political season – namely, the distribution of inheritance of Ukraine. Yes, you can recall the national anthem of our South neighbors and to say “that Ukraine is still not dead”, but then you need to understand the peculiarities of the mentality of our European neighbours. They have such a tradition – gentlemen divide the property in advance to not swear over the grave of the deceased. Here it is, the inheritance of Ukraine is already distributed by all who are not lazy to do it, because everybody already knows that the patient is more dead than alive, and the doctor will come to him only for euthanasia.

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The most valuable part of the inheritance is money for transit of Russian gas to the European Union and the political influence that will be received by the country-distributor of Russian gas in Europe. The total jackpot is about $20 billion over the next 10 years plus political bonuses, which often are more valuable than money. There are three contenders at the moment. The first one is Germany, which began to prepare itself for the demise of the Ukrainian GTS, along with Ukraine, much in advance.

Angela Merkel has already announced Nord Stream-2 as a purely economic project, and the German lobbyists are busy now pushing Nord Stream-2 through the bureaucratic procedures of the European Commission. The second contender is Turkey. President Erdogan said today in an interview with TASS that there are no obstacles to the construction of Turkish Stream that Turkey is very interested in the project and that tomorrow it will be discussed at the meeting with Vladimir Putin. The duo of Juncker and Borisov is trying to jump on the departing train and offer a third option – the South Stream on the bed of the Black Sea towards Bulgaria. By the way, thanks to the return of Crimea, the cost of South Stream will be much lower than was previously predicted.

It is clear that it is us who are the most pleased in the current situation. After all, in international politics, money sometimes triumphs over evil, and we are now seeing how two groups inside the European Union and Turkey compete for them. This show is educational and entertaining, and of course, very unpleasant for the Kiev regime. Even the most stupid of its members gradually reach a simple conclusion – if those in the vicinity started to distribute the property of Ukraine, then it means that nobody is going to save Ukraine. And they will also not give any money. And in general, somehow everything went wrong.

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Some members of the Ukrainian political life are preparing in advance to jump ship. Some political scientists already explained that they are apologizing in front of Putin – this is normal, and in turn Oleg Lyashko already for a long time doesn’t want to be in NATO. It is funny to observe that in the current situation Nadiya Savchenko, who in the eyes of Ukrainian society mutated from a symbol of victory over damned Putin into a very real KGB agent, feels the wind of change the most.

And the last one. It is obvious that out of all possible partners on the gas issue, nobody pleases us. We have many reasons to be apathetic towards Angela Merkel. And even more reasons to distrust Erdogan. Prime Minister Borisov, who is trying to get out of the role of the American puppet, provokes rather pity and disgust, not respect. All of this is true, but it is not a reason to give up the opportunity to finally end gas transit through Ukraine. If some pipelines are built, it will be beneficial for us. No one would be able to blackmail us, whilst the potential transit countries will compete with each other for our gas and money. This is the ideal position for Russia, and if the Kremlin will achieve this, then the American plan to isolate our country through the cordon of Eastern European puppet-States, from the Baltics to Kiev, will fail completely.

It will be a major geopolitical victory, which will bring many economic and political bonuses, but besides that there will be another interesting thing. The Americans will lose the main reason for support and funding Russophobic border-countries, which already previously are sitting on a starvation diet. By the way, the Kiev regime is already complaining about the loss of interest in it from the part of the United States. And when this interest will completely fade away, we calmly and quietly settle the score with them.

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