Southwest Aleppo: Assad’s Army & Hezbollah Prepare Cauldron for Terrorists

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Heavy positional battles continue in the South-Western outskirts of Aleppo. Government forces managed to liberate the “Syriatel” height. The Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters are preparing for a conventional caludron, reported the correspondent of the Federal News Agency of Syria.

Heavy positional battles continue in the vicinity of the village Mushrifa, located on the southwestern outskirts of Aleppo, in close proximity to the artillery academy and South of the “1070 district”.

During the operational offensive in the night of 23rd to 24th October, undertaken by two battalions of Hezbollah with the support of the Syrian Air Force and the Republican guard, the so-called “Syriatel” height was brought under control. The height is located a kilometer north of the base of the air defense battalion, which was retaken from the Islamists the day before.

The height is named after the repeater of the largest mobile operator in Syria. The attack on the height, contrary to expectations, was not only successful, but also rapid. About 48 militants of “Jaish Fateh al-Sham” holding the fort on the hill (where they were forced to fall back to after yesterday’s battle for the air defense base) chose to leave the defense without a fight, quickly retreating under the pressure of Hezbollah in the village of Rakhba.

At the moment the government offensive is suspended. The positions of “Hezbollah” are exposed to regular dense fire from 120 and 60 mm mortars. The main aim of a local attack is the preparation of a bridgehead for an attack on the terrorists in the school district Hikma and the preparation of a conventional cauldron, allowing them to cut off communication between 1070 and construction sector al-Rashidin-5, which is the main transit point and the food base for extremists preparing for redeployment in the South-Western suburbs of Aleppo.

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During the “humanitarian pause” the most efficient part of the SAA, Hezbollah, the people’s militia and the Republican guard were transferred to the South-West. The transfer was carried out at night, and the main reason was the numerous reports about the impending attack of the Islamists in the area of the military colleges. The primary task of the militants, as it was before, is to return control of the route and a quarter of the Ramousah.

Contrary to the assumptions of the Syrian military on the resumption of active hostilities in the North-East, no actions in the areas of Bustan al-Basha and Bustan al-Qasr has been undertaken by the terrorists. Limiting themselves to a few shots from mortars, the terrorists chose not to force the SAA to exit the “humanitarian pause”, which is likely to last at least for another day.







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